The Gallardo is the reason that Lamborghini could recover its former glory, and is in every essence a supercar.

The brethren of Supercar fanatics have one thing in common, we all love a Lamborghini, but alas it does not come cheap, with the Huracan EVO RWD which is the one with the lowest price tag touching almost INR 4 Crores. Many people have to settle for less, going for one of the Sports cars instead to feel closer to what a Lambo might, but if you’re not willing to compromise and do not mind an older model there is a Lamborghini Gallardo waiting just for you at Exotic Wheels Delhi. The Gallardo is a 2007 model which makes it one of the last cars to exit the assembly line at Sant’Agata Bolognese before the car was updated.

The Gallardo served for a decade, ushering a new era for Automobili Lamborghini. The smaller V10 and the cheaper price tag without the compromise at the signature Lambo characteristic made the car very popular and it reached new heights, becoming the highest-sold car from the Italian manufacturer until its successor the Huracan broke it. The new Huracan is a brilliant car, not just for supercar roles but has been made practical as well, to avoid being a useless car. But the Gallardo is where the madness reigns, it is in essence a more Lamborghini car than the Huracan or the Aventador, because it was made that way, pushing it too hard and the car will punish the driver.

This car is powered by a 5 Litre V10 that makes a screaming 520 PS and 510 Nm of torque, and is offered with an automatic transmission. The engine is famed, as offering a visceral auditory experience that one cannot experience with any other car, except maybe the Murciélago with the big V12. The V10 accelerates the car from zero to hundred in 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of 325 kmph.

This Blue Gallardo has only 12,000 kilometers on its odometer and is in fairly great condition on the exterior as well as the interior. The price tag of INR 77.5 Lakhs is a steal for the car, it may be old but it is a known fact that these expensive machines have a very long life if properly maintained. The other fact is that at this price one has a lot of options, but a fast one like the BMW M2, BMW Z4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class or a Mini Cooper do not stand a chance against this Italian Bull, certainly not in performance. So if you have around 80 Lakhs lying around looking to invest in a fast sports car, this Lambo should definitely be on your radar as no other vehicle can provide the experience that this Gallardo does, at a fourth of the price of a new Huracan.

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Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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