Citroen showcases the Ami at the Milano Design City, an event focused on the redesigning of urban spaces, sustainability and circular economy. Ami is a 100% electric smart mobility solution designed for the future, powered by a tiny 6 Kw battery, it can be driven by teenagers aged 14 legally in France.

The battery charges in 3 hours and the car weighs just 485 Kilos, this coupled with the 2.4m size and overall miniaturist design makes the Ami a innovative city car design, one that is agile and is perfect for urban commute while making no harmful emissions. The Ami is being sold in France alongside Smartphones and gadgets in French stores.

The symmetrical shape on the sides, which make both the doors identical and the bumpers, yes both of which are exactly the same is a way of minimising production cost and time by reducing the number of parts needed and also giving way to easier and quicker modular spare parts technology.

Citroen’s “Time to be my Ami” has been designed in collaboration with the company’s style department, and offers the audience to experience the features of the Urban mobility object and the lifestyle products inspired by the Ami. The products are displayed in XXL dimensions to evoke a playfulness in the theme, keeping with the Ami’s childlike proportions and design language.

The visitors are welcomed by a My Ami Orange and two Ami’s with “Ami -Heart symbol- Paris” covering, representing the Pigalle and Saint Germain Des Pres districts which have been inspired by Parisians after the Ami was launched in the car sharing category in the French capital.

A life-size Ami is inside, which has been placed inside a XXL miniature box, to show contrasting imagery with the oversized box and the Ami. A XXL size Ami mug adorns the side wall, and an XXL size Ami accessories box and customization kit which can be ordered and home delivered to customize their Ami at home. The box contains a central separation net, cover wheels, door nets, door stickers, floor carpets. Smartphone support, dashboard storage and smartphone dongle.

A speaker from Ultimate Ears in XXL size, which is inspired by the Ami bluetooth speaker, Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami, one of the several Ami inspired products. A 220 V domestic power point in XXL size is also on display, which can charge the Ami in 3 hours. The Ami costs about 6000 euros in France.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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