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Dodge fans in India, especially Mumbai, were extremely jubilant when a Challenger R/T model came from Dubai to India via Carnet. The hot red Dodge which bore a Dubai nameplate had fans thronging to get a glimpse of the popular American muscle car.

The Challenger R/T came on Carnet from Dubai, which means that it can stay here on the premise that the visit is temporary. As of now, Dodge does not operate in India in any way and seeing a flagship model on the road is an extreme rarity. The Indian market does not suit the company’s viability and exporting a Dodge vehicle from overseas is the only option for Indian muscle car fans, which of course would be much more expensive than the car itself.

Finished in an iconic TorRed exterior paint, the shipped Dodge Challenger R/T looks every bit powerful as would be expected of the ‘World’s Most Iconic Muscle Car’. Its reputation of being a strong muscle car comes from the 370hp 5.7L HEMI V8 engine resting under the hood. In addition to its engine, the vehicle’s powertrain also offers two options between a TREMEC 6-speed manual transmission or available TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission. The outer body is stylish and bears a hallmark hood scoop which is just as functional as it is chic. The 20 by 8-inch satin carbon aluminium wheels add to the exterior sporty aesthetic of the Challenger R/T. In addition to the TorRed, the car comes in eight other exterior paint options, each just as vibrant as the other.

For the interior, an R/T comes in two cabin finishes of Black and Black/ Ruby Red interior colours. The Dodge Challenger R/T in Mumbai hosts the elegant dual shade interior of black and ruby red mixed finish. The R/T is part of the Challenger’s third gen line-up which has remained in production since 2008. One of its many trims, the R/T has a curb weight of 1,860 kg. For every model year, Dodge has released various versions of its flagship models, from the facelift models of 2015 to the more current tweaks from preceding model years. Even though Dodge does not have any official presence in India, it is still too early for buyers to lose hope. As the Indian auto scene grows, auto makers like Dodge are sure to look at India as a worthwhile marketplace.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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