A new player in the urban and industrial cleaning sector, the Karcher City Sweeper has been designed to clean the streets of Indian towns. Also in line with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Mission), the municipal sweeper has a huge potential in helping keep our cities sparkling.

Indian municipalities have been working towards cleaning our cities, keeping waste off the roads and finding efficient solutions to manage city waste. Though man power has been largely used to sweep the roads until now, it also has its own limitations. Enter a smart and viable option to make urban cleaning easier than ever, the Karcher City Sweeper. Known for its utility across a number of settings, this cleaning machine could be the answer to India’s urban vacuuming and road hygiene problem. The MCM 600 vacuum sweeper is suitable for not only the streets, it also cleans like magic in factories, cement plants etc.

It works using a combination of distinct cleaning equipment for different types of dirt- large particles are physically dealt with with the help of a motorised accessory, smaller particles are sucked in and the finer dust particles up to PM1 are filtered as well. We can definitely trust it to eliminate all waste from the roads, irrespective of their size. Another smart feature is its easy handling with the synchronised steering which makes it well-suited to some of the narrower streets across any urban setting.

The machine’s original Clever Detective System automates ground pressure and brush load to ensure that the sweeping is done with thorough precision. Additionally, the cab comfortably accommodates three people and offers a minimal yet functionally coloured control panel. The cleaning vehicle also has an Eco mode for heightened fuel saving and cost-effectiveness. It also has an impressive storage capacity with a 6000 litre water container and a water tank that carries 500 litres of water.

The Clean India Mission has been a long-time initiative of the government to make Indian roads cleaner, upgrade hygiene across all municipalities and promote effective waste management schemes. As a result, there has been a steady hike in local responsibility measures and hiring of sweepers who regularly clean the roads. However, due to obvious human limitations it is important to gradually shift towards automation. A mechanical sweeper does not only clean, it also eases stress off the local organisations.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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