• The ‘Sustainable Drive for a Sustainable India’ initiative covers a distance of over 2203km from Mumbai to New Delhi

Chennai, India – BYD India, a subsidiary of the Warren Buffett-backed world-leading new energy vehicle manufacturer, enters the India Book of Records for the maximum distance covered in an electric car with its all-new e6. The fully electric MPV led the charge in the ‘Sustainable Drive for a Sustainable India’ initiative.

The 6-day drive tour of over 2203km from Mumbai to New Delhi, covering 9 cities across 4 states, marked the longest EV journey in India. During the journey, the all-new e6 with no emissions passed the eco-sensitive zones around National Parks along the way, demonstrating a crucial step towards a better environment.

Mr. Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, Head of Electric Passenger Vehicle Business in BYD India, said, “We envisaged the drive to create awareness of sustainability and EV adoption under the ‘Sustainable Drive for a Sustainable India’ initiative. We are proud to highlight that our premium electric MPV saved 413kg of carbon emissions on the journey, a new benchmark set by an EV, leading to its entry into the India Book of Records.”

He further added, “With Charge Zone as our electric charging partner, the drive covered 2203km seamlessly with charging points across national highways. The drive has proven that BYD India’s all-new e6 with the Blade Battery is a trusted vehicle in safety, comfort, drivability, and a long-range on a single charge.”

BYD, the world’s leading NEV manufacturer, with its proven innovative technology, is dedicated to leveraging technological innovations for a better life. Until now, BYD completed over 47,957,202km across India together with its partners, equivalent to 10,883 round trips from Mumbai to Delhi.

BYD’s all-new e6 is the first premium electric MPV, and the first and only model to adopt BYD’s Blade Battery technology in India. The Blade Battery, launched by BYD in 2020, is well known and acclaimed worldwide for its high safety, long-range, and enduring longevity. It is the world’s first power battery technology featuring high levels of integration and safety. It was invented by utilizing the highly safe lithium iron phosphate (LFP) technology, with the improvement of 50% in the volumetric energy density, and successfully passed the nail penetration test, the most rigorous way to test the thermal runaway of batteries.

The all-new e6 was launched in India in early November 2021, making it available for the B2B segment. It is designed for a smooth and comfortable ride and comes with a boot space of 580 liters, the largest space capacity in the Indian MPV category. Built on the BYD e-platform, the all-new e6 integrates the most important electric powertrain components to reduce weight, optimize efficiency, and improve the driving experience.