Introducing colored gemstones to the Bentley Jewellery collection affords a new dimension to the sublime accessories that are loved by discerning patrons the world over. The miscellaneous colors included in this exclusive collection are very similar to the vehicle colors made available to Bentley customers. The precious colored gems are chosen, cut and polished at the Heinz Mayer factory which is Bentley’s Jewellery partner located in the town of Idar-Oberstein, known for being the center of the high-end gemstone world.  With extraordinarily skilled craftspeople who design the jewellery to a certain mark which never fails to impress a number of clients as the graceful shapes and styles translates the craftsman’s imagination up to a whole new level. This time, the main attraction for the customers is the fact that the customers are given a chance to personalize their own car or can also work with a group professionals to exactly mold their ideas into a new model according to their choice.

Maria Mulder, Bentley’s Head of Color & Trim, comments, ‘Color influences mood. There are subtle differences that change every year within the palettes we use. The environment and the social circumstance in which we live also have an effect, so now we are seeing warmer tones, not the recent neutral tones or simply the black and white of the cars of the mid-1990s.

‘Our ability to use paint to define the lines and shape of a car is the similar skill to that used by a cutter to transform a rough gemstone,’ says Mulder. ‘In its raw state a gemstone won’t show all of its potential beauty, but with an expert cutter, the fire and light in the stone comes out. Paint color needs to retain its longevity just as the stones retain their color. Our exterior paint color will always have that purity and naturalness because the final coat will protect it.’

Bentley’s preferred most popular color is the Sequin Blue Color which is inspired by a sequin from a blue dress. It was considered a popular choice and it was devised in 1996 with a mixture of pigments using blue mica. The color displays a nature’s essence in the form of tanzanite gemstone. These are only found near Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania & it is known as the only source to obtain tanzanite.

Some more precious gemstones are a part of this collection, some of them are the Padparadscha sapphire which varies from yellowish to orange pink if paired with a Ruby, simply is a part of a corundum group. The Bentley’s Bacalar limited edition of nearly 12 cars are designed with multi-faceted tones which is actually a comparison with the rarity and purity of the stone’s color. The Mandarin Garnet, a vivid orange known as the ‘fanta orange’ also resembles with the paintwork. This particular gemstone is also very rare and was found in minimal deposits based in Africa, Nigeria and Namibia. The precious stones which are declared as a part of the Bentley’s Luxury Jewellery Collection are, Red – Ruby and Tourmaline, Blue – Sapphire, Tanzanite, Aquamarine and Tourmaline, Green – Emerald, Tsavorite and Tourmaline and Orange – Padparadscha, Sapphire and Mandarin-Garnet and the range prices for these exclusive jewellery stone collection starts from $6000 (INR 4, 47,431.40)

Like every new discovery, brings a historic importance to it, likewise the gemstone history of Idar-Oberstein travels back to the Roman times, an area located near the town, specifically in the Hunsrück Mountains of the Rhineland-Palatinate in western Germany, has not changed from being the center of the cutting and polishing of agates and other gem materials for a duration of more than 500 years. The story begins with Agate cutter Johannes Becker when he planned to start the family business in 1599. The popularity it gained was just because of the craftsmanship, experience and heritage for almost 500 years. As the gemstone business began to prosper, travelers and local merchants used to travel great distances to look for the finest stones and sell them to the world’s greatest jewellery retailers. Basic improvements and enhancements were learned in the course of passing generations in their family. Due to these associations Idar-Oberstein is still considered the only place where one could find the finest most precious gemstones and also the world of the finest gemstone cutters and jewellery manufacturers. With leading up to the future, the cutters and jewelry makes adopted several techniques and technology to help them maintain their worldwide impression of being the land of highly experienced group of jewellery manufacturers. Colored and attractive gemstones will add an emotional appeal for the Bentley’s customers in the form of self-satisfaction.

Rupanjita Aich

Rupanjita Aich

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