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The automobile manufacturer MANSORY Design & Holding GmbH is the recognised specialist in the refinement of modern automobile works of art from Bugatti. No other company can boast more experience in individualisation of these million-dollar luxury sportscars than the team around company founder and designer Kourosh Mansory. The Bavarian modification company presented the VINCERO based on the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 as far back as 2009. Other super sportscars unsurpassed in terms of exclusivity called the VIVERE and D´ORO followed. With the CENTURIA, MANSORY once more displays their exclusive modification craftsmanship with the individualisation of a Bugatti Chiron to an unprecedented level.

The production model of the Bugatti Chiron already sits at the top of the super sportscar category, defined as the undisputed pinnacle of the class due to its price and exclusivity. If you think this is the limit of what is possible, then you’re sadly mistaken. In appearance alone, the MANSORY alterations mean it differs clearly from the standard bodywork: So, the front end is given a comprehensive facelift, consisting of modified mudguards and a front apron which has been adorned with lots of carbon fibre, and is hungry for fresh air. The re-developed side skirts act as a visual and aerodynamic link between the two axles. Bigger air inlets on the sides of the car and the additional air intake on the bonnet deliver optimal engine cooling and, along with the diffusor and the re-designed rear wing profile, underline the powerful design of the vehicle.

MANSORY manufactures almost all bodywork components from ultra-light, high strength carbon fibre. The prepreg autoclave process used in the in-house manufacturing unit, and the high-pressure, high-temperature hardening process improve the material quality of the carbon fibre components immensely.

To complete the overall visual appearance, MANSORY has developed fully-forged alloy wheels with a turbine-design, carbon-fibre finish. These have been specially designed for the high-performance tyres standard size 285/35 R 20 at the front and 355/30 R 21 at the back.

The CENTURIA interior presents itself as unsurpassably luxurious yet functional. MANSORY knows exactly how to create a harmonious combination of individual taste and state-of-the-art technology here too. Traditional craftsmanship, hand selected materials and a confident design come together and create a car interior in a class all of its own. The complete passenger area is dressed using the finest leather, creating the perfect stage for the high-quality carbon fibre applications. The new, ergonomically designed airbag steering wheel looks sporty, with great grip.

With the MANSORY CENTURIA, the car manufacturer once more displays their unique depth of manufacturing skill, and proves that their know-how is not limited to a single automobile brand. Based on the already incomparable Bugatti Chiron, the engineers have created an absolutely unique vehicle.