French High-performance automobile maker Bugatti has partnered up with German brand Buben&Zorweg, makers of exclusive top-of-the line watch winders and safes, to produce a new line of products based on the inputs from both the brands. The two brands, each a symbol of high standards of design, technical perfection and craftsmanship in their respective fields have pooled together their resources and quest for exquisite design and quality, the first two examples of which were displayed at Bugatti’s Molsheim HQ by Bugatti President Stephan Winkelmann and CEO of Buben&Zorweg Florian vom Bruch, multifunctional presentation object with safe and watch winder features.

Each masterpiece specially made, with Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti etched onto them, the superior craftsmanship, speaks to the ethos of the two brands, the drive to surpass every limit in every single aspect possible. Buben&Zorweg CEO Florian vom Bruch added, “We are proud to have found the perfect partner in Bugatti to shift boundaries and set new benchmarks – we look forward to the long-term collaboration.”

The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ edition, the fastest production car and the one to break the 300mph barrier has been celebrated in one of the collaborations, “Chiron 300+” resounds the record breaking  hypercar’s achievements with design cues from the color scheme, orange and carbon fiber and using the French Marque’s signature flowing designs. The masterpieces have also been inscribed with information about Bugatti’s rich history. Aficionado’s will recognize the details taken from Bugatti in the creation of these, black and blue carbon fiber, horseshoe radiator grille design, two-tone contrast designs, echoing the theme, “ Buben&Zorweg for Bugatti”, “Experience the Extraordinary”.

The Grande Illusion Chiron is one of the creations that is reminiscent of a renaissance sculpture, the flagship of the collection. The safe weighs 215 kilograms, and the action of accessing the inner compartment is nothing less that a magic trick, which when unlocked either by fingerprint or by transponder ship, slides upwards and presents the contents. The contents are raised on an embossed column and a special radio wave proof drawer is constructed for the valuable items, the Grande Chiron is adorned by the B&Z Flying Minute Tourbillon clock. It is limited to 30 production units.

The Spirit Chiron watch winder with capacity for four/eight is available in a customizable combination and is similarly limited to 30 units.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

I am a journalism grad who has always had a passion towards machines, especially cars and war machines, the sheer competitiveness of the industry which works with the same enthusiasm everyday without fail is what fascinates me. Favourie Car: Nissan GT-R R35 Quote: What you do in life echoes in eternity- Russell Crowe, Maximus, Gladiator