How does it feel when you perform a task with utmost dedication and effort and still doesn’t get paid for it? Is it worth doing that further? Guess, the answer’s NO. Like this common human behavior everyone’s so concerned about, did you have any idea about how van drivers, women and tradesmen spend seven hours a week working for free which is almost equivalent to $ 4,300 (INR- . 3, 19,704.36) and they never invoice for the same as the work is usually estimated, overall this figure comes to 14.9 billion pounds (INR – 1.44 trillion) for all the workers outside of the paid working time.

The Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles disclosed the day (October 7) as the “Mates’ Rates Dates” which is to purposefully celebrate the joyful talented tradespeople of Britain. The date represents the time after October 7 when the Van drivers are never officially paid hence, they effectively work for free during that period. Tradesmen and the women based in London or Northern Ireland carry out 8-10 hours of extreme hard work for nothing every single week and on the other side, at the South, the van driver’s average less that 3-4 hours a week on other family related tasks or new quotes. A dedicated study by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles publicized the fact that, 77% Van drivers usually conduct their work free of charge, even if it includes fixing a tap for a friend or quoting for house renovation work that they perform free of charge without any patent contract.

This significant point was highlighted by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles who clearly understand the pain and suffering these workers go through every single day, and believe that “Time is Money”. The unpaid hours for the workers somewhere disturbs them mentally and spirals their morale to work properly. Hence, the company operates Mobile Service Clinics which are responsible to help out owners’ service their vehicles when the vehicles are not handy.

The official website of the Volkswagen Commercial vehicles help the van drivers same their precious time by providing various services and information accessibility during any part of the day which solely includes, online service booking, a finance calculator and also a live web chat.

Head of Aftersales at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles David Hanna, said: “Whether you’re a tradesmen, delivery driver, florist or gardener, your unique skills are highly-sought after. When you add up the amount of time spent pricing up jobs that never come to be, or pulling favors, van drivers are losing out on hours every week without pay – and that’s why we’ve created “Mates’ Rates Date”.

She continued, “We understand that time really is money and hope that through our Working With You promise, we’re able to support the unsung heroes with some added convenience that helps them win back the time to do the jobs that boost their bottom line.”

Therefore the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are doing their best to take care of the workers who are performing every day to create better.

Rupanjita Aich

Rupanjita Aich

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