Born to kick sand in Scorpions’ faces, it’s Mahindra Thar CRDe 4×4.

–  The New Thar CRDe comes with:
o Enhanced exteriors with new front & rear bumpers, new muscular wheel arches, new
clear lens headlamps, re-designed side footsteps and canopy to take the timeless design of
the iconic Thar a notch higher.
o Premium new interiors: New dual-tone dashboard, wider seats, new steering wheel and
door trims with arm rests, re-designed AC vents, new floor console with cup holders, new
windshield demister, new gear knob, 12V charging point, provision for 2 DIN music system
and lockable glove box.
o Industry-first, mechanical locking rear differential technology that engages
automatically without driver intervention and provides enhanced off-road capability.
– The New Thar CRDe will continue to boast off-road features like the 44 degree approach angle and
27 degree departure angle, 4WD with high & low ratios, powerful 2500cc CRDe engine and a high
ground clearance of 200mm.
– Available in 5 colors, Fiery Black, Red Rage, Mist Silver, Rocky Beige, & Diamond White.

The New Thar CRDe is now an even more compelling proposition with features like a
mechanical locking rear differential which further enhances its off-road capability. With its new
front & rear bumpers, new butch-looking wheel arches, clear lens headlamps, new rugged
tubular side footsteps and a redesigned canopy, the vehicle sports a distinctive new exterior
which has raised the bar on its timeless and iconic look.

The new Thar also features more premium interiors including a new black-beige dashboard,
more premium and wider seats, a redesigned center bezel, new sporty 3-pod instrument cluster,
new steering wheel and gear knob, re-designed AC vents, new windshield demister and door
trims. For added convenience, there’s a new lockable glove box and a new floor console with
cup holders.

Built to tackle any terrain, the New Thar CRDe also retains its legendary off-road features like its
extreme 440 approach angle, 270 departure angle, high ground clearance of 200mm, powerful
2500cc CRDe engine, and standard 4WD with high & low ratios.

The New Thar CRDe

Launched in 2010, the Thar CRDe is a true-blue, stylish off roader, an evolved version of the
Mahindra CL340, the MM 540. The Thar CRDe, reflects the company’s legendary tough and
rugged DNA like no other model and is the most favored recreational 4×4 vehicle among
enthusiasts. The Thar is central to Mahindra Adventure off-roading events and is also the lead
training vehicle at India’s only off-road training academy located at Igatpuri.

Over the years, the Thar has played a significant role in shaping the lifestyle vehicle segment in
India. Its powerful CRDe engine delivers both power and fuel economy. The cabin can seat six,
while two rear bench seats can be folded to create a massive luggage area.

It is available in a BS IV variant with power steering as a standard fitment, allowing for a
comfortable drive. A wide range of genuine accessories & customization options are also
available. With the introduction of the New Thar CRDe, it is all set to chart new terrain in the
Indian automobile industry.

Superior Off-road Performance & Thrill of Driving

A cult off-roader, the New Thar CRDe can literally triumph over any terrain with its newly added
first in class feature, the auto engaging differential lock.

 Extreme 440 approach angle and 270 departure angle
 Powerful 2500cc CRDe engine
 New mechanical locking rear differential
 High ground clearance of 200mm

Exteriors deliver Road Presence- both On and Off Road

The New Thar CRDe sports a distinctive new exterior to further enhance its timeless appeal.

 New front & rear bumpers – rugged looking bumpers complement the timeless design
 New wheel arches – butch looking wheel arches enhance the Thar’s appeal
 New side footsteps- for easy ingress and egress
 New redesigned canopy – lends a distinct look
 New clear lens head lamps – for added safety

Enhanced Interiors and Better Ergonomics

The New Thar CRDe, with its all new stylish interiors & new dual tone dashboard, make a
compelling proposition, while its better ergonomics provide an enhanced user experience and
added convenience.

 Premium new seats
 Dual tone dashboard
 3-pod instrument cluster
 Re-designed AC vents
 New windshield demister
 Lockable glove box
 New steering wheel and gear knob
 New door trims
 New floor console with cup holders