Opel gave the world the first glimpse of its newest creation, the new Opel Mokka in the presence of CEO Michael Lohscheller at the company’s headquarters in Russelsheim, Germany. The event was attended by a select few due to strict rules. The car turns a new chapter for the carmaker, it is the first new car from Opel to be adorned with the company’s new design language, the Opel Vizor.

Inside the changes are monumental, as it is also the first model to come with the Pure Panel cockpit and fully digital cluster along with it. Driving the way forward for Opel, the new Mokka will be available since launch in Electric powered versions right alongside the combustion engine models. “We designed and developed the car from scratch here in Rüsselsheim. The whole team worked with unprecedented passion and unwavering commitment to lead Opel into a brilliant and exciting future.”, said Lohscheller at the launch.

The Electric drive versions of the Mokka are zero-emission and is said to have a range of about 324 kilometers, the powerful electric motor produces 136hp and 260Nm torque in an instant. The Mokka e-drive starts at around 32,990 Euros in Germany and with the incentives will cost 23,420 Euros.

Visually the new Mokka is a game changer with precision designed angles, the surprising yet sublime Opel Vizor, the vizor seamlessly integrates the grille, headlamps and other elements of a cars front into one, this vizor also has the new Opel Blitz emblem integrated into the surface. The compact 5-seater looks wide and powerful, yet light and futuristic.

On the inside, the new Opel Pure Panel is centre for attraction. The panel which merges two screens into one and is made to be simple and display essential information. Bloatware and other information have been removed so as to focus on the important things that the driver and passengers would need to be concerned with. This process of ‘Digital Detox’ was given great importance by the designers, with the clear goal of removing distractions from the screen and keeping the majority of control to physical buttons.

The Mokka will be launched in electric power alongside its conventionally powered siblings, courtesy of the Common Modular Platform. The battery in the Mokka-e is chargeable via home socket, slow charge or the fast charge and comes with an eight year/160,000 km warranty. The combustion engines have been tweaked with better turbochargers and minimizing losses inside the engine. The car has shed over 120 kilograms in comparison to the outgoing model, resulting in a much better economy from the engines.

The Mokka is feature packed, with systems like Advanced cruise control and Active lane positioning, and many other standard driving aids available in the market. The new car also comes with Intellilux LED lights, adaptive and glare-free, a segment first. The entertainment touchscreen panels are integrated onto the Pure panel and angled. The driver seat comes bundled with Heat and massage function, a segment first.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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