The third generation of the BMW X6 M Competition, which was launched in Spring 2020, is a really imposing presence: From the “compact car prospective”, in particular, the massive crossover of SUV and coupe, which weighs almost 2.4 tons, seems downright terrifying. Drivers of veritable sports cars should also feel threatened by the X6 M – especially if the BMW driver has visited G-Power first: For more than 35 years, the brand has specialized in optimizing the performance of BMW models; its technicians inject up to 800 hp into the sport activity coupe!

For the BMW X6 M Competition upgrade to a G-Power GX6M Bi-TURBO, the G-Power development department devised three power stages to enhance the performance of the twin-charged 4.4 liter V8 engine: Simply using the GP-700 performance software (EUR 2,495.00) – the name says it all – releases a full 700 hp and 850 Nm: A gain of 85 hp and 100 Nm compared to the series vehicle.

The middle power stage ensures even more power and driving pleasure; in addition to the GP-750 performance software (EUR 3,494.99), it always includes also sports downpipes and a stainless steel exhaust with valve system (EUR 5,950.00). The latter growls the DEEPTONE sound typical for G-Power from four carbon-coated 101-millimeter dual tailpipes in a staggered arrangement since, by reducing exhaust back pressure, the downpipes with 200 cell metal sports catalytic converters (EUR 5,360.00, on request also Catless for EUR 2,940.00) have, among other things, optimized the turbochargers’ responsiveness and reduced the exhaust temperature. All in all, this results in 750 hp, as well as a 900 Nm maximum torque.

Last but not least, the car becomes even mightier in the top power stage: A whopping 800 hp and up to 950 Nm torque are available here. In addition to the GP-800 performance software and the hardware adjustments known from the stage immediately below, the GP-900 turbocharger upgrade (EUR 5,950.00) is also obligatory for that case. It provides the X6 M competition turbos with larger compressor and turbine wheels as well as housings, among other things, and an optimized turbine blade. This enables, for example, higher boost pressures, lower exhaust back pressure and temperature and optimized efficiency.

In view of this much compression, the GP overrun fuel cut off (EUR 245.00), increase of the maximum speed limit (EUR 495.00) to up to 300 km/h, as well as optimization of the transmission software by adjusting the torque limit and switching times (EUR 795.00), all of which are offered optionally by G-Power, certainly make sense.

To visually underscore the power of the GX6M as well while helping the high-caliber bullet become more nimble, G-Power offers its own HURRICANE RR-forged wheel in the matching XL size 11×23 inches for the BMW. The one-pieces forged from ultralight airplane aluminum reduce unsprung and rotating masses; this has a noticeably positive effect on the longitudinal and lateral dynamics of the GX6M. They are soled with high-performance tires in the dimension 315/25R23.