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It’s official, the new MH5 700 based on the M5 F90 is here.

The MH5 700 is powered by a 4.4 Liter Biturbo V8, already known from the current X M models. Manhart have put their own additional ECU on it, known as MHtronik. The results this little box brings are amazing. Some whopping 723 HP and 870 Nm of torque.

100-200 km/h is reached in 5,9 seconds.

The M5 F90 is not what one considers a particularly quiet car. What comes out of the MH5 700’s carbon exhaust tips however is a whole new level. In cold start the MH5 shouts like there is no tomorrow and once you go full throttle it barks out some great occasional crackles on the up- and downshifts. If one wishes so the MH5 behaves calm and gentle and keeps the discreet character of the F90. These sound differences are the result of a MANHART stainless steel exhaust system.

To make the MH5 look a little more dynamic and sporty it received a set of KW coilover springs which set it about 20mm lower to the ground. Just enough to see the difference but not enough to make it look all trashy. A nice effect on the side is the firmer handling and better responsiveness. Don‘t be mistaken the M5 F90 remains a heavy car, but it’s incredibly nimble for what weight it has to push around corners.

The MH5 runs the 21“ version of the well known MANHART Concave One aluminum wheels in Silk-Matte Black to fit the black bodycolour.

Manhart now know that the new MH5 700 has quite something under the bonnet but it’s exterior appearance is no let down either. This is partly because of the matte gold decals that go all around the car, adorning the hood as well as the cars rear end and sides. Little gold touches accentuate the front and rear lines of the MH5 700.

But the big difference is still to come. Manhart have given the car a newly developed carbon exterior package. Starting on the front end, there sits a full carbon front spoiler making the car look lower and wider due to its side blades which Manhart already know from the MHX6 800 front spoiler. Further customers can order an additional front spoiler attachment giving it even more presence, as if it needed that.

Compared to the standard diffuser of the F90, the new MANHART full carbon diffuser is an absolute statement. By its exaggerated fins and the fact that it is one big carbon panel, going over the cars full width, it turns the F90’s calm rear end into a real eye catcher.

Last but not least the MH5 700 comes with a boot lid spoiler. Surely it is full carbon as well. Whilst the diffuser draws immediate attention, the humble boot lid spoiler is something to be noticed on the second look.

Some of you might wonder where the distinctive MANHART carbon hood is. Well this feature is still in developement. However it will have the well known GTR air vents and will be full carbon as well.

Interior changes are fairly subtle. Driver and co driver are greeted by new floor mats with MANHART embroidery as well as the obligatory MANHART logo on the steering wheel.

Hands down, the new MH5 700 is a real stunner. If one was to wonder what the F90 was with a little more character, here is the answer. It is faster, louder and really good looking. But it’s more than just facts. The MH5 700 combines the luxury of the F90 with the performance and drama of a real supercar. The perfect choice for someone who just wants to have the one car that does it all!