BMW, the brand that spokes out its image in the Automobile Industry and is the sign of class, has come again in the limelight, by announcing the winner of the livery contest of BMW M4 GT4.

The competition takes off with many contestants, taking active participation, but finally, Chann Wen Bien announced as a winner for its innovative design. He has rewarded with 3,000 US dollars cash prize, and his car design will be soon used on a real racing car. What an achievement for a 27 years old designer (MYS),ChanWen Bien! Isn’t it?

The ultimate winner of BMW M4 GT4

The talented gems, From Semenyih, had given a tough competition to all the participants and surprise the world-class top multimedia artist Jury. The designs mesmerized Global Automotive director, Michael Scully and Cao Fei, BMW Art Car designer. Even BMW has given a chance to the motorsport fans to provide a vote for their respective favorites on many social media platform.

The precious words of Wen Bin (Contest winner)

Wen Bin spokes out what he felt; he said he has always been the fan of Brand, BMW and have dreamed of gaining popularity with the name of BMW one day. He told the livery contest came as a golden opportunity to portray his passion for motor sport, BMW and designing skills. He says he cannot wait to see his designs in the real-world. He enjoys his success wanted to be a designer in future. He thanked BMW for the opportunity.

The words of Jury

The Jury has put significant importance on the real world and virtual world motorsport, by linking both the worlds. The jury motto is “ THE FUSION OF REAL WORLD AND SIM RACING”.

The entrants of the competition were given guidance to craft motor sport car design, whose beauty and elegance looks fantastic in the virtual and in the real world.

The BMW Design

The 18 th BMW Art car – BMW M6GT3 designer, Cao Fei said that the black colour of BMW looks elegant and classy for its high-performance. Augusto Farfus drove this car at FIA World Cup in Macau, held in 2017.

The read parts and blue parts around the BMW car is looking lively and giving a sporty and aesthetics look.

Wen Bin, with his innovative mind, won the competition and got an edge over his competitors. BMW Motorsport community, present on social media with the Jury decides the winner. The first runner up was Juan Diego Sanchez, received 2,000 dollars and the second runner-up was Monholo Oumar, received 1,000 dollars.

The words by Rudolf Dittrich

The head of BMW Motorsport vehicle development and director of the contest said – Congratulations to the winner, chan Wen Bin, on his winning for the BMW M4 GT4 design competition. He noted that Wen-Bin had done full justice by his work by entirely giving the fusion of virtual and real motorsport.

Dittrich stated, he is waiting to see the design in the season finale of the DTM. He said a big thanks to all the creative minds, participated in the competition.

Dietrich said, the talent of participants surprised and inspires us and even motivate us to reshape the real-world motorsport and sim racing with the people.