BMW i3: The BMW i3 is a B-class, high-roof hatchback manufactured and marketed by BMW with an electric powertrain using rear wheel drive via a single-speed transmission. Its underfloor li-ion battery pack is offered in two capacities as well as with an optional range-extending gasoline engine. The i3 was BMW’s first mass-produced zero emissions vehicle and was launched as part of BMW’s electric vehicle sub-brand, BMW i.

Petrol: BMW 2-cylinder gasoline Range Extender, 700 cc engine, 33 HP power, 33 kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery with AC Synchronous Electric Motor with integrated power electronics makes 181 HP power & 270 Nm torque, 150 kmph top speed, 46 kmpl average, 9 litre fuel tank, Single-speed automatic transmission

6 Colours: White, Blue, Red, Black, Grey, Imperial Blue

Price: Rs. 60 lakh (Approx.)

BMW i8: The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car developed by BMW. The i8 is part of BMW’s electric fleet “Project i” being marketed as a new sub-brand, BMW i. The i8 Roadster is expected to get a longer-range battery and will have only 2 seats. The car’s roof is an electric 2-piece unit, which neatly folds into the space where the rear seats would normally be.

Petrol: BMW TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder, Turbocharged 1499 cc engine, 228 HP power, 320 Nm torque, 11.6 kWh lithium-ion battery with AC Synchronous Electric Motor with 141 HP power, 250 Nm torque, Total output- 369 HP power, 570 Nm torque, 250 kmph top speed, 47 kmpl average, 42 litre fuel tank, 6-speed automatic transmission & 2-speed automatic transmission for electric motor

5 Colors: E-Copper, Grey, Silver, Donington Grey, White

Price: Rs. 3 crore (Approx.)