A stylish vehicle!  Luxurious and distinctive style at the highest level of the most elite hotel in the South Africa.  What more do you want!  and what an inspirational idea of sculptor Nic Bladen!  He knows very well how to create a BMW 745Le xDrive into artistic wheels with outstanding artisanship and motivations from nature.

With unique expertise garnered from the extravagance hotel Ellerman House in Cape Town, BMW has infused an exclusive version of the BMW 7 Series limousine.  The highly produced version will serve as the modern Ellerman House chauffeur car.  It was created by collaboration with the South African botanical sculptor and artist Nic Bladen.  The hotel is well known for its sumptuous hospitality coupled with a prevailing view of the Atlantic coast from Bantry Bay.

With 13 bedrooms and two separate villas, the hotel is located about 25km away from the Cape Town terminal.  Thanks to owner Paul Harris, it also displays an extraordinary collection of modern South African artwork.  And even the efforts of the German carmaker in order to apprehend the wisdom in its 745Le xDrive luxury sedan is very well seen with highly individualized accouterments, which now toils as the hotel’s chauffeur car.

In fact, this 7 Series also functions as an artistic tribute to the unsurpassed flora and fauna found around Cape Town by adding them invaluable metals used for the interior.  Since Bladen is known for, his plants formed in scarce metals.  That same belief is displayed in the interior of the extravagance sedan.  The Pure Perfection package and the BMW Merino, full leather filling in Cognac or Tartufo colors are enriched by various accents.  Where, the Alcantara roof liner, the instrument panel, the floor trim, the leather-covered door entry trim, and the doorframe, are all painted in Tartufo.

Talking more about the inside, the comfort cushions and headrests are painted in the identical color with an exclusive floral design.  The embroidery on the pillows also covers the letters the “BMW Individual Manufacture” on the back and the “EH” signet on the front.  While, the cover of the center tunnel, the center console, and the switch is covered with cognac-color.

Bladen produced an exceptional process where he assigned the replicas of plants cast in precious metal into a two-dimensional design that was as flat as feasible for this unique project.

Successively, an extended collection of favorite prints of the chosen motifs from nature was formed, similar to a herbarium as botanists use for identifying plants of dried and crushed flowers and petals.

Wow, we wonder, if these tracery works of art were then deposited as inlays in the interior trim strips of the wheels with the utmost caution and accuracy.  And we will not be wrong if it would be assumed that Nic Bladen has tried to increase awareness of the captivating plant diversity of the Cape region with these works of art.  He must, no doubt!

Additionally, on the outside, the BMW 745Le xDrive plug-in hybrid is colored in the Brass Metallic and coupled with the extensive BMW Individual High Gloss Line, bicolor finish, an M sports package, and 20-inch M light-alloy wheels in a star design.  Moreover, of course, the brass-colored door sills show letters marked as the “Ellerman House.”

Well, this one-of-a-kind 7 Series can be moreover appreciated in the video clip series well worth seeing which are also available on YouTube with the search term #BMWxEllermanHouse.


Siddhika Prajapati

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