The Mulliner division will now add four Tweed patterns to the door inlays, offering further customisation options to all the present Bentley models i.e. Bentayga, Continental GT and Flying Spur.

Bentley known for their luxury and hand-made vehicles have launched a new tweed option for the customisation of their cars, via the Mulliner-the bespoke creation division of Bentley- to make their car’s essentially unique and add a new layer of personalisation to it. Available in all the models from the Crewe based marque, the tweed is for the ones who wish to celebrate British culture.

The tweed comes in four patterns, and joins the ranks of innumerable customisation patterns available in the Mulliner range. The fabric is made up of woven wool, and gives the cabin an earthy but tactile feel, as one may experience in a visit to the North of the British Isles. The tweed designs along with the rich leather upholstery inside the Bentleys make for one of the most serene contemporary cabins in the automotive world.

There are four tweed options to choose from, the Cheltenham, which has a green shade and embodies the countryside traditional design, the Glen Plaid-Tolsta Beach has a check-pattern which has been named after the Hebrides Archipelago. The Charcoal has a dark shade while the Sand Herringbone is light, both of which can be customised into the dark or light interior colors of the car.

Bentley has aimed to fully electrify its range by 2030, but it has taken steps with the introduction of the tweed patterns on the door inlays. The tweed comes from the famed Lovat Mill, one of the finest fabric makers in the world. The mill is known for its production clarity that prides itself on being totally ethical and eco friendly. The production of the material is done in a dry plant, which ensures no negative environmental impact. Even the electricity used in the plant is supplied from renewable sources, which further advances the minimal carbon footprint in the production of the fabrics.

Mulliner will present the new Tweed options in its Personal Commissioning Guide which takes the customer through the countless customisation options that the company offers. The guide also showcases the designs of already commissioned cars which were customised by their customers, to give the reader a more in-depth understanding of the personalisation capabilities that Mulliner provides. The guide reduces the time and effort taken by customers to personalise each car, for an already commissioned customisation the skilled craftsmen are able to work in a more time efficient manner. The permutations and combinations in the guide are spread across 70 listed options, which can be configured into a truly unique design each time.

The tweed as an option is already offered for the roof lining, and Bentley previously released a special Bentayga called the ‘Sportsman’, which features Peck 62 Tweed inside sourced from the Savile Row in London. The Continental GT Equestrian edition also features Tweed on the door inlays and rear panels, a diamond pattern tweed was used. The more recent Mulliner Bacalar also uses tweed, on the central console, on the instrument panel, the door interiors and in small parts on the seats. The exclusive luggage set of the Bacalar also used Tweed.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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