Famously known as “world’s best luxury four door grand tourer” the Bentley Flying Spur has now added an alternative option to the previous W12- the illustrious V8 powertrain. The enhancement to make it the Flying Spur V8 came after collecting data from a long ten year research which led to the conclusion that the number of customers preferring to drive their own cars had skyrocketed. Also, a global research determined that a decrease in rear seat usage on a daily basis was prevalent. As a result, the new vehicle has been developed to prioritize driver experience in a luxurious and modern tech vehicle. The “best luxury sedan in the world” also boasts a high performance with a notable V8 engine and lower CO2 emissions. The 4.0 litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine at its peak performance delivers 550PS of power and has a max torque of 770Nm at less than 2000 rpm. It can also undetectably deactivate four of its cylinders in 20 milliseconds to save fuel.

The V8 is an evolved version of the previous W12, being 100 kg lighter and having loads of new advancements like 48V electric active anti-roll technology (Bentley Dynamic Ride) and Electronic All-Wheel Steering. It also comes in two choices of configuration- four-seat and five-seat. The powerful V8 offers a high output and quick response, all the while giving a fuel usage benefit of up to 16 percent. The vehicle has been designed to bear higher magnitudes of stress and bore wear by an atmospheric plasma spraying process which creates sturdy iron coating of 150 microns thickness. Flying Spur is also the best in its class at offering heightened cushioning and luxury to its passengers with help from the Dynamic Ride system. Its new technological addition the Electronic All-Wheel Steering adds to the already great driving experience by making it stable at higher speeds, increasing manoeuvrability and assisting in easy parking.

The Flying Spur has definitely been enhanced not just in its technical unseen aspects, but the changes are also very conspicuous and more aggressive in their presence. In addition to lengthening its wheelbase by 130mm, the car comes in standard seven shades to choose from. However, an extended paint range of 60 colours is also available for customers looking for a more personalized customization of the car. Aiming at creating a stylish and unique car, the makers also altered its interior for a more luxurious feel with many hide colour options and duo-tone interior configurations. The first of its kind, a Bentley Rotating Display with a 12.3-inch touchscreen appears when the engine is started and displays a set of triple customisable digital tiles. A Touch Screen Remote in the rear controls blinds, seat massage functions and mood lighting etc. The My Bentley in-car and remote service is made available through an embedded SIM, for both Apple iOS and Android platforms. Offering remote services and its tech savvy infotainment system, it is also an impressive vehicle because of its carbon neutral production with any compromise in quality.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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