Bentley has set it eyes on a new target, to become a fully-fledged carbon neutral organization by the year 2030. Taking up its promise of offering sustainable luxury, the car maker has also devised the extensive Beyond100 strategy which includes complete electrification by its target year.

Setting foot into its second century in this business, the globally renowned luxury vehicle manufacturer, Bentley has decided to move forward with today’s demands of eco conscious transportation modes. This aspiring move has been made public with the reveal of its Beyond100 plan which carries with it the assurance of providing reinvented and hybrid vehicles, and subsequently fully electrified vehicles by 2030. The strategy is definitely very ambitious as the company aims to reintroduce itself as a forerunner in luxurious vehicles which are also sustainable, and is at a stark contrast from its current position of being a world leader in the production of 12-cylinder petrol engines. What’s more enthralling is the fact that Bentley hopes to achieve this in just a decade. Twenty years of futuristic vision and advancements finally lead to the creation of its Beyond100 plan.

Their first initiative under this the transformation of their 80 year old UK HQ into the country’s only carbon neutral luxury car factory. Its goal of becoming a start-to-finish carbon neutral brand has led to plans of full-electrification, improving operations and working to rebuild the retail structure as well. The luxury car brand has set four main levels in the completion of its goals. The first checkpoint of its 2030 aim will come in 2023, the year by which it has committed to offer a hybrid variant of every vehicle in their line-up. The second checkpoint will come two years later in 2025 by which it will release its first purely electricity run model. 2026 will witness the offering of plug-in hybrids and electric models as the penultimate level towards complete electrification. In 2030, Bentley will release the complete line-up of its luxury vehicles only in the form of battery electric vehicles having reached the final checkpoint in its plan fulfilment. What paved way for its present plans to come to life was the introduction of Bentley’s all-electric concept car, the EXP 100 GT. Featuring eco-friendly materials like 5000 year old copper infused Riverwood and a wine bi-product reconstructed into faux leather upholstery set a fundamental base for the current inclination towards sustainable operations.

In spite of drawbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic, Bentley pushed forward to become financially tough and immune to recession. This was achieved through a complete breakdown and building up of its business structure, including a total of 800 voluntary releases. The program has also bolstered its future financial strategies for at least a whole century. The brand’s sustainability plans also include collaborations with innovative and creative minds who can pitch in their ideas towards the company’s cleaner future. An example is its close tie with South Cheshire schools and colleges to nurture talent and innovation. Also announcing many upcoming investments, it is inching closer towards complete digitalisation of its services and car building. Its redefining digitalisation plan also hopes to provide the ultimate customer satisfaction with their services and electrified sustainably crafted cars. The beginnings of its Beyond100 strategy have already been put into motion, and as it will come to closer to fulfilment in 2030, Bentley fans trust that it will continue to deliver its best, as it has been for the past century.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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