It’s time to get a new spark in your life. After working hard and having the provision of budgets to purchase your dream car, it is time to check boxes and find you a luxury ride. A car speaks a thousand words about your lifestyle, overall personality and taste. A car that suits your everyday needs, which can uplift your overall personality is the one should opt for.

The budget is a big dilemma, and surprisingly it is never enough. Though, to frame context, let us assume you are having a budget of 18-20 lakh rupees. It is enough to get you a top-end regular sedan that gets you most upmarket features but forged with an everyday nameplate.

If you look properly, you can also get a car of your dreams at the same budget. Looking through the vast pre-owned luxury car market sets new perspective to spend your money. Who doesn’t like a Mercedes-Benz, a BMW, or an Audi parked in the garage? This sector is thriving at a fast rate with a lot of additions to the existing fleet. You can avail cutting-edge features, undeniable road presence, and a bumped-up status symbol in a single package. And that is not all – with the presence of trusted dealers in the segment, you can now get a sweet deal for your new luxury ride.

Siddharth Chaturvedi, Founder & Managing Director, Boys & Machines

To understand it better, consider the top benefits if you choose the pre-owned luxury car route over a brand new luxury car.

Some of the benefits are:

  • A high-class stature: This is the most obvious benefit of opting a luxury car. No matter how much one tries to deny it, the nameplate speaks for itself. The luxury badge is more than a logo. It is a symbol of accomplishment, success, and rich personality. Imagine you show up in a BMW sedan in your next meeting. It not only gets eyeballs with its resounding looks but also positions you in a higher stature.
  • An upscale driving experience: Power, glory, and convenience are packed in a single package of a luxury car. These machines are expensive for a reason. Firstly, these cars are fast. Very fast. An Audi A4 can sprint a 0-100 kmph in 7.2 seconds while a BMW 320d can cover the same benchmark in 6.8 seconds. Second, they get a plethora of advanced driver assistance technologies. A 2015 BMW 320d gets brake assist, adaptive cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring, and many more. With high-performance capabilities and a range of advanced features, every driving experience gets an edge over regular brand new commuters.
  • Plush interior space with premium features: Without a doubt, luxury cars gets you the best of cabins. You can feel a premium aura inside. Perfectly crafted leather upholstery with a touch of Alcantara, contoured seats, power-adjustable seats, power lumbar support, tilt-and-telescopic steering, panoramic sunroof, and multi-zone automatic climate control are some of the edgy features.

  • The reliability factor: Luxury cars are crafted with utmost care with a high reliability factor. These manufacturers use the best-in-industry manufacturing methods and undergo a series of crash tests to validate reliability. You need not worry for reliability when you are opting for a used luxury car.
  • Low depreciation rate: The dynamics of car pricing is tricky. The depreciation factor is very high in the initial years. A car drops almost 50 percent of its value in the first five years. Henceforth, the depreciation is slow with regular maintenance and good care. Buying used luxury car can benefit you by retaining most of the money after handsome usage.

The growing demand for used luxury cars opens up a lot of dealerships that deal specifically in fancy rides. Apart from OEM used car segment, there are many independent dealerships to cater a wide variety of options. They go through a robust screening policy for each and every used car and even offer warranties to encourage customers.

There is an emotion behind every choice and especially when it comes to selecting your long-awaited ride. The benefits are laid out and it is a decision to make between factors such as new technology versus luxury comfort, insanely powerful versus a subtle but economical ride, or an aspiring luxury brand versus an upmarket commuter.

By Siddharth Chaturvedi, Founder & Managing Director, Boys & Machines



2 Responses

  1. Abhiraj says:

    If I got a chance to own a pre owned luxury cars then surely a BMW 3 series is just phenomenal but my pick would be the 330i as it Just handles better than Audi A4.

  2. Abhiraj says:

    If I got a chance to own a pre owned luxury cars then surely a BMW 3 series is just phenomenal but my pick would be the 330i as it Just handles better than Audi A4 however Audi too is just love