Autopsyche Founder and CEO Arush Vohra passed away on Tuesday morning after battling Covid-19. He breathed his last a Delhi hospital. He was 41.

Vohra changed the Indian automotive tuning scene when it was still in its niche. His builds were exemplary and a benchmark for aesthetics. When he ventured into performance mods he got us the best hardware the world had to offer.

Studying automotive engineering technology from Western Michigan University,  Arush started Autopsyche which was one of the first Indian companies to venture into the automotive aftermarket & custom car business in India. Since its inception in 2004, under the leadership of Arush, Autopsyche became the leading name in India when it came to customized & modified cars, especially in the sports and performance cars segment.

Having built numerous Indian & imported cars over the last few years, Arush was regarded as automotive legend by enthusiasts.