The TTS sits between the standard TT and the TT RS, the Competition Plus inches the car closer to TT RS territory.

The Audi TT has been the German automaker’s offering for a sports car which is affordable and offers in some part features that the R8 Supercar provides. Now a new package for the TTS- the more powerful variant of the TT- has been introduced by Audi, namely the Competition Plus which adds more details to the car in form of performance oriented upgrades to the powertrain and the body.

The TTS has an upgraded four-cylinder turbocharged TFSI engine that makes 320PS and 400Nm of torque which is more than the standard TT, which is capable of accelerating the car to a hundred in 4.5s, the car can reach an electronically limited top speed of 250kmh. The gearbox is the seven-speed S Tronic which transfers the power to all the four wheels via the Quattro system. The car has been fitted with magnetic suspension which makes it unbelievably comfortable for a sports car while capable of providing the maximum performance to be transferred to the wheels at a track.

Visually the Competition Plus gives the TTS an aggressive makeover, with LED headlamps, Audi logo behind doors, red brake callipers and unique 10 spoke 20in wheels which come in black color. The rear is fitted with a fixed wing, which is also in black and so are the Audi rings at the front and the back, clearly distinguishing the superior spec to the standard TT.

On the inside, the driver will find an elegant 12.3in screen for the instrument panel which is customisable for different driving modes and conjoined with a Bang & Olufsen audio system, the interiors are a shade of black and red accents all over, even the rim of the AC vents. The seats are Nappa leather, and come with ‘S’ on the headrest, and the gear level is wrapped in alcantara. Carbon fiber inlays have been used wherever possible, to add the sense of performance and to reduce weight. A special “Bronze Selection” will swap the flashy red or blue theme colors for a bronze/copper stitching on the seats and inlays around the interior. The same color is carried outside to the wheels, which are 5-spoke ones for this spec, along with the Audi logos on the side.

The Competition Plus adds more power to the TTS, making it edge closer to the top-spec TT RS variant, with the exclusive interior updates and the blacked out exterior touches the special package does seem to do justice to the price that it demands. The Bronze selection is an additional 4,490 Euros, but adds an even more significant style and color to the car, and is also available on the standard TT but costs a hefty 6000 Euros.

The Audi TTS competition plus and the upgraded model series will go on sale in Germany in November 2020. The Coupé will cost around EUR 61,000 (with 19% VAT) and the Roadster will cost around EUR 63,700 (with 19% VAT). Deliveries are scheduled to start at the beginning of next year. The “bronze selection” package will cost EUR 6,190 (with 19% VAT) for the TT and EUR 4,490 (with 19% VAT) for the TTS and will be available for order in the spring of 2021. Deliveries will also start in the spring of 2021.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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