Audi Rush, an imposing line-up, an incredible opportunity. Go! Buy in 2017 and pay in 2019. Offers are valid on select models & variants only for deliveries till 31st December 2017. Insurance, registration, logistics, TCS and other satuatory levies extra on actuals. Exclusive offers for corporates, lawyers, doctors and chartered accountants.

  • Audi A3: List price- Rs. 31.99 lakhs, Rush price- Rs. 26.99 lakhs
  • Audi A4: List price- Rs. 39.97 lakhs, Rush price- Rs. 33.99 lakhs
  • Audi A6: List price- Rs. 53.84 lakhs, Rush price- Rs. 44.99 lakhs
  • Audi Q3: List price- Rs. 33.40 lakhs, Rush price- Rs. 29.99 lakhs