Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_1 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_10 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_11 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_12 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_13 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_14 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_15 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_16 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_17 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_18 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_19 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_20 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_4 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_5 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_7 Audi_RS6_Avant_on_ADV.1_Wheels_9

Wheels: adv7r track spec cs series
Sizes: 21×11 front | 21×11 rear
Finish disc: matte black
Finish lips: gloss black
Hardware: exposed titanium hardware

Vehicle year: 2017
Vehicle make: audi
Vehicle model: rs6
Vehicle color: nardo gray
Vehicle specs: 560hp / 516lb-ft

Coming from race!, our authorized dealer in south africa, this nardo gray audi rs6 avant features a complete widebody carbon fiber aero kit and a set of directional adv7r track spec cs series wheels. The wheels are sized 21×11 in the front and 21×11 in the rear, topped off with a matte black and gloss black finish combination. The final touch is the completely exposed titanium hardware option.