With full Passion, maximum exactness, and best quality, the new Audi e-Tron GT imitates everything with which Audi develops. The company uses the latest improved technologies with the final changes by highly skilled hands for the production powered at the Neckarsulm site.  Thus, the Audi has brought the amalgamation of melodic flair and mechanical capability in comprising a unique sound for the e-Tron GT- just an Audi Must.

Being the first electric car to be built in Germany, the Gran Turismo will begin rolling off the production line at the end of 2020.  The artisanship from the earlier facility has been reserved and is complemented by smart technologies and made use of a new virtual domain for the first time.

The all-electric Gran Turismo is built from ultra-strong steel and aluminum, being followed by the skilled artistry of the employees with the full probable use of mechanized production technology.  It thus, syndicates all manufacturing steps required in joining the sides in a single system – thus making construction promising on the current floor space.

The inline measuring procedure is also innovative guarantying even greater accuracy and providing to minute deviances.  In addition, the design of the Audi e-Tron GT places unusual demands on production quality – for instance, the sidewall frame has a strangely large draw depth of 35 centimeters (13.8 in) between its highest and lowest point.

The extended assembly line includes 36 apart from the previous 16 cycles, sharing it with the R8.  This addition of two technically dissimilar cars is exceptional in the Volkswagen Group.  Both models are simulated using the same driverless vehicles and monorail system.  In addition, a 3D printer is on hand to deliver customized assembly supports to the employees.  Post all the process compilations, each car is driven for 40 kilometers on public roads, which also comprises the sections on the highway and heavy traffics.

Production Head Wolfgang Schanz says in summary, “With the integration of the Audi R8 and Audi e-Tron GT, a unique combination of craftsmanship and smart factory technology is coming to life at Böllinger Höfe.”

“I am especially proud of the passion and spirit of our team.”

Whether it is quality, technical features, the Audi e-Tron GT is a power-packed with all the passion of Audi, which also smears to its sound.

The Engineers Rudolf Halbmeir and Stephan Gsell designed the reformist electronic sound – on the computer, inside the moving car, and in customer studies as well.

Like every electric car, the e-Tron GT also features the acoustic vehicle alerting system (AVAS) with a loudspeaker fixed to emit the AVAS sound, though entrenched within a wider acoustic spectrum.  In parallel, The Audi drive select system also lets drivers set whether and how they aspire to enjoy the sound.

Moreover, the automaker unconstrained many other details about the production of the Audi e-Tron GT- Have a look!

  • Head of Production Wolfgang Schanz: “Here, we are bringing a unique combination of craftsmanship and smart factory technology to life”
  • Correlation-free inline measurement is a new technology proposing the highest precision, with a maximum possible deviation of just +/-0.20 millimeters
  • The body shop for the e-Tron GT is around 85 percent automated; ten stations with 34 robots
  • Different conveyor technologies on the assembly line: 20 driverless transport vehicles, new electrically powered overhead conveyor rail, and independent transfer station
  • Modified assembly supports from the 3D printer based on employee viewpoints
  • The joint assembly line for Audi e-Tron GT and Audi R8 in spite of their different technology concepts is exceptional in the Volkswagen Group
  • Human-robot cooperation for attaching the front and rear windows
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