Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_1 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_10 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_11 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_12 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_13 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_14 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_15 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_16 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_17 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_18 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_19 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_2 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_20 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_21 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_22 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_23 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_24 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_25 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_26 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_27 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_28 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_29 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_3 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_30 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_31 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_32 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_33 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_34 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_35 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_36 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_37 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_38 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_39 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_4 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_40 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_41 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_42 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_43 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_44 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_45 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_46 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_47 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_48 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_49 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_5 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_50 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_51 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_52 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_6 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_7 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_8 Audi_Q7_SQ7_in_ABT_Widebody_Vossen_wheels_9

ABT Sportsline, a longstanding VW and Audi tuning firm from Kempten, Germany, has teamed up with Vossen to produce a limited-edition Audi Q7 program for the European and Stateside markets.

Fitted with a vast ensemble of aerodynamic components, most notably the wider fender flares and aggressive front facia, the Vossen x ABT Audi Q7 Widebody is a limited edition luxury SUV, produced in a limited run of 10 for each region. Carbon trim details accent the widened body and a larger rear wing and new rear bumper and exhaust treatment make the Q7 stand apart.

Inside the Vossen x ABT Audi Q7 widebody is a totally unique experience, from custom-trimmed alcantara branding on the front seatbacks to the “1 of 10” badges on dash and door sills. Carbon fiber panels replace nearly everything the eye can see, from seat bases to dash trim, continuing the carbon flow from the exterior aesthetics.

The Vossen Forged AVX wheel is a split five spoke pattern, designed and engineered specifically for the Audi Q7 and ABT’s widebody Audi Q7 aero kit. Measuring 22×11, the AVX forged wheel is exclusively finished in Stealth Grey for the complete Q7 packages (1 of 10). The AVX forged wheel will also be openly available to all Audi Q7 owners, regardless of ABT aero components on the car, however Stealth Grey will be exclusive to the 1 of 10 cars.

Complemented by ABT’s Level Control module, that utilizes the OEM Audi air suspension components but expands adjustment to a lowest setting of -0.8″ lower than stock, the AVX wheel is a perfect style and fit for the new Audi Q7.

COMPLETE 1 of 10 PACKAGE$39,900 US
ABT Wide Body Aero PackageABT Front Skirt
ABT Fender Flares
ABT Door Strip Attachments
ABT Rear Skirt Set (inc. rear muffler and four tips)
ABT Carbon Fiber Exterior PackageABT Carbon Fiber Front Grille
ABT Carbon Fiber Front Lip
ABT Carbon Fiber Door Strip Attachments
ABT Carbon Fiber Rear Skirt Insert
ABT Rear Wing
ABT Front Grille EmblemChrome, Matte Black or Black Chrome
ABT Level Control SystemUpgrade module for Q7 air suspension (-0.8in front and rear)
Vossen x ABT AVX Forged WheelSize: 22×11″
Finish: Full Polish with Brushed Face / Stealth Grey
Suggested Tires: 285/35 R22 or 295/35 R22
ABT Carbon Fiber Dashboard Side Panels2 Pieces
ABT Carbon Fiber Seat PanelsFront and Rear Seats
ABT Carbon Fiber Geartshift Knob
“ABT Vossen 1 of 10” Dash Badge
“ABT Vossen 1 of 10” Door Sill Trim
Front Seat CustomizationAlcantara inlays with embroidered ABT Logos
ABT Start-Stop Buttom