Audi launches its newest E-Tron Route Planner, with improved functionality over its last model of Multi Media Interface for electric cars. Tracking and budgeting of charge of battery becomes easier and real time date based with E-Tron and can be used through the MyAudi app on your choice of mobile device

The perils of driving an electric car are akin to owing any electronic device. The battery dies down, the electronic item too is rendered useless. Given it is a motor vehicle, the chances of you being stranded somewhere because your battery died become high in case of medium and long distances. To curb these issues, Audi has introduced a new intelligent assistant, using latest technology to mitigate these said perils of owning an electric vehicle. This e-route planner is already installed and available for all fully electric E-Tron model by Audi.

This new E-Tron route planner accentuates the previous functionality of its predecessor, the Audi MMI (Multi Media Interface) which was for more traditional cars and bring the same features and boosting them for the e-car owners.

Moreover, the namesake of the device is misnomer, it does more than just plan your route for you. E-Tron will offer elementary route planning which means that the fastest route will be chosen alongside with pit stops to charging stations along the way if the destination lies outside the range of the car. It will also take in the driving preference of the individual and past driving experience to calculate the time and charge necessary to make that trip.

It will also keep updating the list of available charging stations on the way with their charging capacity, which means it would give preference to HPC (High Power Charging) while planning the route. For example, during a typical trip, there is a choice of two charging stations with two short stops or one long stop, the e-route planner will give weightage to a HPC as it will be able to charge a Audi E-Tron Sportback 55 quattro with 150 kW direct current from 5% to 80% in under an hour and the desired charged sooner and the individual is on their way faster. .

The Audi E-Tron route planner comes with a new software development and a whole new algorithm to enhance its capabilities to the already improved Modular Infotainment Matrix (MIB 3) which had 10 times the computing power over its predecessor. Moreover, with the new algorithm and the MIB 3, the E-Tron route planner amplifies the everyday usage of the car from planning the route, considering the state of the battery, the traffic conditions, the number of charging stations, the distance to be covered in the journey, the driving preference to give the most optimal route with fastest time to reach the destination.

It also gives the driver the ability to manually set the state of charge and while computing the route, the E-Tron will take in consideration the driver’s preferences of SoC and provide the route to the destination. Given that the E-Tron is part of the Audi ecosystem and can be accessed through the myAudi App and the route planning can be done on mobile and then sent through wireless transmission and you are good to go. E-Tron as available in all sales region of Audi, will benefit from the vast network of charging stations (180,000) located in Europe, making your road trip across 26 countries an environmentally friendly excursion. Also, Audi plans to enhance the capabilities of E-Tron further to reduce the ambiguity of battery charging from driving an electric car and while giving comprehensive route planning to the individual down to the last detail.

Alokita Sharma

Alokita Sharma

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