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Audi A6 45 TFSI Technology

₹ 54,42,200 – ₹ 59,42,200

The A6 marked the comeback of Audi but is it good enough to be class best?


WE LOVE: Sharp styling is typical Audi and looks handsome with being different from other luxury cars. Interior is amongst the best looking in its class and is also feature packed. Silent petrol engine and comfortable ride are further plus points.

WE DON’T LOVE: Unlike some of its rivals, it does not offer a diesel engine while also missing out on offering air suspension

1. Introduction

The ‘four rings’ brand has always enjoyed immense loyalty and aspiration amongst luxury car buyers with once being the biggest luxury car maker in India. After a quiet time and a lot of stiff competition from its German rivals, the brand came back strongly with the new A6 sometime back. The new Audi A6 was the return of Audi in India and needless to say that it is an important model for them.

In India the segment consisting of cars costing between Rs. 50-75 lakh is the most popular in the luxury space and the A6 is the best selling Audi also. However the segment has changed with Mercedes-Benz bringing in a long-wheel base E-Class and BMW stepping up their game with the 5 Series plus Jaguar, Volvo and even Lexus bringing new cars. So the work is cut out for Audi but the new A6 is indeed impressive in its own way as you will find out.

2. Looks from outside

The Audi A6 has had its own distinctive styling which has now matured with the new generation. The new A6 still has the same look of the older one but you can still make out that it is the newer model though you do need to give it a longer look for that! Unlike the stately E Class or the sporty 5 Series, the A6 is a luxury car which combines elegance and also a bit of sportiness but not going too far with both.

The new A6 is still a subtle car but also looks like a proper Audi in a way that it grabs attention but does not demand it a lot. The new A6 is longer, wider and taller while the grille has become even bigger now along with re-shaped headlamps. It looks younger now yet still having class. Compared to the older A6, the lines have more sculpting and it looks tighter now while the rear-styling gets a sleek tail-lamp treatment along with a thick chrome line. You will also notice the new wheels which are 18 inches and looks proportionate to the car. The paint finish is fantastic also. Being based on the new Volkswagen MLB platform, the new A6 is bigger than the previous gen model but is also lighter along with being stiffer with a mix of aluminum and steel used in the construction of the car.

3. Driving feel

The earlier Audi A6 used to offer both diesel and petrol engines but Audi is now only providing petrol engines. The engine offered for India in the new A6 is a 2.0 four cylinder turbo petrol which makes 245 bhp and 370Nm of torque. Standard is a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The new A6 also gets a mild hybrid system being added which comprises of a belt alternator starter, additional lithium-ion battery and a 12V subsystem. The new A6 is also front wheel drive.


Thanks to a new platform mentioned at the start, the new A6 is lighter despite being bigger plus it is quite fast with a 0-100 km/h time of 6.8 seconds. In the real world the A6 is a smooth luxury car at first with its focus being on providing a relaxed driving experience. When you start the engine, you will not hear any sound as it is very quiet plus even the automatic gearbox is very smooth in going about its business of changing gears.

Unlike some other dual clutch gearboxes, the one on the A6 does not have the initial sense of confusion that some gearboxes of this type have and is quick plus jerk free. There are various driving modes but comfort is the best as the A6 is light and easy to drive. The gearbox and the engine are at their best here with smooth gearshifts and a linear power delivery. There is a dynamic mode of course which gives it a sharper throttle response however there is no change in the ride height or suspension settings though the steering has some extra weight. Out on the highway the A6 does get on to big speeds when you want it to and it can cruise all day with minimal fuss. Do note that it is less of a sporting drive than a 5 Series but more dynamic than an E Class- being a middle ground of sorts.

Ride and handling

The A6 is front wheel drive and does not get air suspension unlike some of its rivals. This is a good thing and also a bad thing but mostly good with the fact that the A6 rolls less with being stable around corners while also riding well. In the city you will like the light controls and the easy to use nature while the way it tackles speed bumps or potholes is very good. Generally it is amongst the best in its class for refinement plus ride with perhaps the only downside being it misses the ultimate softness of having air suspension. However overall it still has one of the best combinations of ride/handling in its class. One of the crucial reasons for this is the wheel and tyre choice as the A6 has a tyre profile which is suited for Indian roads more thanks to the higher sidewalls.

4. Interior features and feel

The bigger change is on the inside where the A6 takes the fight to its German rivals with its own mix of luxury and technology. Compared to the older A6, the design is more futuristic while Audi has tried to give it a modern luxury type feel. There are layers to the cabin and the way the wood, metal, glossy black surfaces and chrome all come together is indeed brilliant. It is a fantastic looking interior plus quality is brilliant too as you would expect in a car of this price with tough and heavy doors also putting a sense of sturdiness.

You will see the new look steering wheel which is also like the new Audi A8 while behind that there is a new virtual instrument cluster. There is more to see elsewhere as the centre console has two touch screens which separate the basic functions. The lower one has the climate control function while the top one has all of the other major ones. There are very few physical buttons and you have to use the touch screens to access it but the touch itself is smooth along with display/reaction time being superb. Plus you also get haptic feedback when using the touch screens and that is crucial for a good feel. The sense of touch is similar to a mobile phone screen with a small click like sound. Below that is a yacht like gearlever and that is nice to use with a premium feel to it.


You expect a lot of features when you are paying this much and you get exactly that with Audi focusing on technology. The virtual cockpit as said earlier is lovely to look at and amongst the best you get. It also gets the usual features like wireless charging, panoramic sunroof, dual powered seats, four-zone climate control, sun blinds, front and rear parking sensors, leather, LED lamps, memory function for the driver and more. The extra features that we liked were the hands free parking assistant, lane-departure warning and the Bang & Olufsen audio system. The audio system in particular has a nice and crisp sound quality.


The Audi A6 is sold in India in only one form and not in any long-wheelbase format but Audi says that the current A6 has enough space in itself. They are right since the new A6 has a lot more room compared to the older one with the seats also being more comfortable plus positioned at a more relaxed angle. You sit nice and low while you sink into the seats with enough headroom/legroom for even tall passengers. However the third passenger cannot sit comfortably in the middle due to the high central tunnel which makes it best for two. Overall the sense of space is of course less than a Mercedes E-Class LWB but more than a BMW 5 Series or a Jaguar XF.

5. Ownership

The A6 is fairly efficient for a large petrol automatic sedan and while the official figure is 14 kmpl, you will get 10-12 kmpl depending on the way you drive. The mild hybrid system offered on the A6 does help here and it squeezes out more kilometers per litre. The start/stop system is smooth and works brilliantly while also contributing in the good overall fuel efficiency of the car. Audi has also made its service and buying experience very digital based with augmented reality helping you spec and buy the car without you even entering the showroom. The running costs of Audi cars are along with other German luxury cars with service quality and spare parts availability being improved.

6. Our opinion

It is a comfortable luxury sedan with its fantastic interior along with lots of technology

There are two trims with the A6 and the range starts with the ‘TFSI Premium Plus’ which is priced at Rs 54.4 lakh while the top-end ‘TFSI technology’ is Rs 59.4 lakh. The new A6 tries and is successful in finding a middle ground between the E Class and the 5 Series. It is a comfortable luxury sedan with its fantastic interior along with lots of technology. Compared to the previous A6, it does offer a few less features but the car has been better designed this time from the ground-up with more luxury and the single engine option along with the standard suspension set-up does work for our roads. If you want a luxury car that you want to enjoy from behind the wheel as well as from the rear seat then the new A6 it is as unlike its rivals, it does not just offer one big reason to buy but being a jack of all trades along with being a master of a few as well.

Specifications –

  • Engine: 1984 cm3, TFSI, Inline 4-cylinder engine
  • Engine management: Direct injection, lambda control, knock control, turbocharger, intercooler
  • Exhaust emission control: Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, gasoline particulate filter
  • Max. output, kW (hp) at rpm: 180 (245)/5000-6500
  • Max. torque, Nm at rpm: 370/1600 – 4300
  • Gearbox: 7 Speed S tronic dual-clutch transmission
  • Performance: 0-100 in 6.8 seconds
  • Top speed: 250 kph
  • Fuel grade: Super 95
  • Drive: Front-wheel drive
  • Length: 4939mm
  • Width: 1886mm
  • Height: 1457mm
  • Wheelbase: 2924mm
  • Front: Five-link front suspension; tubular anti-roll bar
  • Rear: Five-link front suspension; tubular anti-roll bar
  • Tyres: 8J x 18 with 225/55 R18
  • Brake system: Dual-circuit brake system with black/white split for front/rear axles; ESC/ABS/EBD; brake booster, hydraulic brake assist
  • Steering: Electro-mechanical steering with speed-dependent power assistance
  • Kerb weight: 1715 Kg
  • Luggage compartment: 530 Litres
  • Fuel tank: 73 Litres
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