The NamasteCar review:

Audi A4 40 TFSI Technology

₹42,34,000 – 46,67,000

The Audi A4 has always been one of the best selling cars for Audi in India and now it’s back in a new avatar along with a heart transplant.


WE LOVE: Sharp new styling is impressive while fantastic build quality remains a hallmark. The 2.0 TFSI engine is a big improvement with added power yet also having refinement. The new A4 also packs in more features while remaining a top choice for its comfort, refinement plus space

WE DON’T LOVE: The new A4 lacks a diesel engine which some of its rivals have. Also the new A4 misses out on some features like radar assisted technology

1. Introduction

Audi had started its India innings with the A4 as it was its first ever product. Then later with the likes of the A6 and the-then new A4, Audi stormed into the market and even gained leadership. The A4 then cemented the Audi brand in India with the traditional Audi values of design, interior, quality and technology.

However the current generation A4 could not get the dream start due to the 1.4l TFSI engine with which it was launched with as it was slightly underpowered against competition. Later Audi added a brilliant 2.0l diesel and that helped the A4 grow in sales. Due to BS6, Audi stopped the A4 altogether only to bring it back now in a brand new avatar plus with a new petrol engine. The new A4 is updated with newer styling while getting new technology too while it also gets a bigger petrol engine. Unlike its other Audi siblings like the Q2 or Q8, it is assembled here just like the A6.

2. Looks from outside

The new A4 is recognizable as an Audi easily but you will also notice that it is a new car. The changes are enough to make it register at first glance. The front is completely changed with new headlamps plus even the grille is newer while the alloys are re-designed along with subtle changes at the rear.

Further all exterior panels have been changed hence the new A4 looks more aggressive and handsome plus gets more attention. What immediately strikes you at first is the new LED headlamps while the pattern inside looks really cool as well. These are the new signature daytime running lights which comes as standard on the new Audi A4.

As said earlier even the single-frame grille is broader with nice slats along with the four-rings logo of course. The shape from the side is similar to the old A4 the most but it is a traditional sedan shape which does look more elegant. There are a lot of horizontal lines all over the car too. The new A4, due to mainly the changes at the front, is now a bit longer than the last one. Moving to the rear and you will see a new set of LED tail-lamps which are similar to the current new A6 also. That makes it look a lot sportier. Audi has also thrown in new colour options which further enhance the sportiness. Overall it is job well done on the looks front.

3. Driving feel

The new A4 is available with a petrol engine only. The engine in question is a new 2.0L TFSI engine that makes 190 hp and 320Nm. It is quite fast with a 0-100 km/h time of 7.3 seconds while the top-speed is 241 km/h. There is also a 12V Mild Hybrid System on which we will explain later.

Driving experience

The previous A4 offered a petrol as well as a diesel engine but the new one only has a petrol engine. This is due to the entire VW/Skoda group which owns Audi, leaving diesels in India post BS6 and while a diesel might come in a year or two, a turbo charged petrol engine is what is being offered. Hence that engine needs to be good and the good news is that it is. This is a familiar engine and in the Audi, the smooth nature fits the character of the car. The refinement is terrific as it barely makes any noise hence driving in the city makes for a comfortable experience.

The A4 comes standard with a 7-speed DSG standard with paddle shifters. The gearbox is best left in its D mode as that is where the car is easy to drive and also responsive. In slow traffic the responsiveness and the silence makes this an ideal luxury car. You will also like how the new A4 rides. At low speeds the potholes and bad roads are managed very well with no harsh edges. The suspension must be given credit as well as the wheel plus tyre choice given how well the tyres cushion the car against various road surfaces.

Out on the highways and the A4 comes into its own zone with excellent high speed stability plus the engine has enough grunt. It has a smoother power delivery hence does not rush or surprise you with revs. You can use the paddles but shifting it to S mode does the job with a sharper response from the engine.

There are also 5 drive modes on offer called as Efficiency, Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual. Efficiency as the name says dulls the throttle response for better economy while actually it is not so bad and is useful in stop-go traffic. Comfort is the best mode and the one which we kept on the majority of the time as it is reasonably quick but also very smooth. There is Dynamic which offers a more eager response and makes sense for constant overtaking or driving where corners are to be take at a tough higher speed for driving pleasure. The auto is where the car decides and adapts itself while you can choose individual and decide what you want regarding various factors in the driving experience.

The new A4 is front wheel drive and also gets a steering which is tuned for a comfortable experience, which it shows. It is not as sharp as a BMW 3 Series but is composed around corners plus torque steer is not there. Audi has tuned this for a comfortable luxury car type of ride/handling which is not an issue at all. It may not be as sharp or as eager to please the driver like some of its rear-wheel drive rivals but it is more comfortable than them.

4. Interior features and feel

Audi made its name on the basis of strong quality and design in its cars. Audi is very well known for making its interiors high on quality plus having excellent attention to detail. The new A4 is a case in point.

The interior is not flashy but having the perfect amount of design plus elegance. Compared to the previous A4, the design of the interior has not been changed that much but some big updates have been done. The running air vent design all through-out the dash is there and so are the chrome lined switches plus the knurled finish to the climate control knobs. Below that lies a knob for the volume and a neat place to store your key. Alongside that lies a gear-lever which has the same shape as the A6 or A8.

Just like all modern cars the new A4 debuts a 10.1 inch touch screen. Along with that is also the new Audi infotainment system making its debut here. The new touch screen is slick and easy to use while the touch responsiveness is high. Elsewhere you will also notice Piano Black inlays with leather and leatherette upholstery.

The steering wheel is nice and sporty to hold while the all-digital Audi Virtual Cockpit is easy to read and see. You can change the views of the digital instrument cluster via the multi-function steering wheel too so either you can have a large speedometer or a complete navigation display.

This being a luxury car you expect some features and the new A4 has them plus more. It starts off with basics like the touch screen, leather, rear ac vents, sunroof, powered seats with memory feature for driver’s seat and more. Then you have wireless charging, Park Assist with parking Aid Plus,  3 Zone climate control, new ambient lighting with 30 color options to choose from, etc. In terms of safety you do get 8 airbags plus a lot of other safety equipment. The new A4 also has a nice sounding audio system.

The new A4 thanks to its good height makes it easier to get in and out. The front seats are very comfortable while the driving position is good. The rear seats are also more important since many buyers would be chauffeur driven. Here the headroom is very good along with decent legroom too.

5. Ownership

The new A4 is very efficient for a sedan with a petrol engine which is fairly large. We got 12 kmpl with regular bursts of acceleration. The A4 as said earlier gets a Mild Hybrid system which comes Mild Hybrid System comes with a Belt alternator starter which shuts off the engine while coasting up to 10 sec between 55 & 160 kmph. Plus it has brake recuperation.

Audi has also streamlined its sales/service and also has a 4 year Comprehensive Service Package including Extended Warranty and Road Side Assistance. Earlier Audi cars had a reputation for high maintenance but now it is closing in on its rivals with new packages and that makes maintaining the A4 easier. There are also new measures introduced by Audi like Augmented Reality and the 360-degree product visualizer. Overall there is Augmented Reality, placement of test drive requests, product brochures, and service cost calculators.

6. Our opinion

The new A4 then is the thinking man’s luxury car and you will buy it for its looks, quality and the comfort being given

There are two trims on offer with Premium Plus and Technology while prices start at Rs INR 42,34,000 Ex-showroom. The pricier Premium Plus is INR 46,67,000 ex-showroom. Overall the new Audi is a much stronger product now on the strength of its updates. The new A4 looks sharper on the outside and gets more attention while the quality of interiors is probably class best while it also now rubs shoulders with its rivals with a lot of new features. The highlight is the space and how easy it is to use thanks to the practicality of getting in and out plus then there is the ride quality or the light steering. It makes sense as a chauffeur driven car and the suspension also copes very well. The new A4 then is the thinking man’s luxury car and you will buy it for its looks, quality and the comfort being given.

Specifications –

  • Engine type: Inline 4-cylinder engine
  • Engine management: Direct injection, lambda control, knock control, turbocharger, intercooler
  • Exhaust emission control: Catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, gasoline particulate filter
  • Displacement: 1984 cm3
  • Max. output, hp at rpm: 187 hp @ 4,200 – 6,000 rpm
  • Max. torque, Nm at rpm: 320/1450 – 4200
  • Drive: Front Wheel Drive
  • Clutch: Dual Clutch
  • Transmission: 7-speed S tronic
  • Front & Rear suspension: 5-link front suspension; tubular anti-roll bar
  • Tyres: 225/50 R17 94Y
  • Kerb weight: 1555 Kg
  • Luggage compartment: 460 Litres
  • Fuel tank: 54 Litres
  • Top speed: 241 kph
  • Acceleration 0-100 kmph: 7.3 Seconds