A Fire Engine​ (also known in some places as a Fire Truck​ or fire lorry) is a road vehicle (usually a truck) that functions as a firefighting apparatus. The primary purposes of a fire engine include transporting firefighters and water to an incident as well as carrying equipment for firefighting operations. Some Fire​ engines have specialized functions, such as wildfire suppression and aircraft rescue and firefighting, and may also carry equipment for technical rescue. Many fire engines are based on commercial vehicle chassis that are further upgraded and customised for firefighting requirements. They are normally fitted with sirens and emergency vehicle lighting, as well as communication equipment such as two-way radios and mobile computer technology.

Diesel: 5660 cc, Inline-6 cylinder, Turbocharged, Intercooled, Ashok Leyland H Series engine with Common rail system & iEGR Technology, 180 HP power, 660 Nm torque, 3 kmpl average, 250 litre fuel tank, 90 kmph top speed, 16,200 kg gross weight, ZF S6 36 6-speed manual transmission

Wheel: 20 inch steel

1 Colour: Red

Price (Approx.): Rs. 50 lakh (On-road, Delhi)