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ARCFOX, a sub-brand of BAIC BJEV (BAIC BluePark 600733) impressed audiences at the Geneva International Motor Show on March 5th with its three new models, including ARCFOX-GT Track edition, ARCFOX-GT Street edition and the ARCFOX ECF Concept car, emphasizing “transcendent aesthetics”, “democratic technology” and “immersive experiences”. As the pioneer in the field of new energy in BAIC Group, this is the first time for BAIC BJEV to introduce its premium brand to the international market.

All-carbon-based battery with a honeycomb aluminum structure, more lightweight and higher strength. A 85kw fast charging system enables 20% to 80% charging in 30 minutes.

Each wheel is controlled by independent motor and inverter and equipped with a torque vector control system to provide a more superb driving experience. Aerodynamic auto spoiler wing provides a greater downforce.

Equipped with carbon ceramic braking system with 6 piston brake calipers, it comes with braking distance at 100km/h less than 30 m.