Due to rapid transit of technology towards the Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the government’s push towards promoting the e-Mobility, many of OEMs have started working on it and also came up with their new models. The future looks good for EVs in India.

With significant understanding of public about air pollution and stringent government norms, India’s EV market is finding its growth. When it comes to EV, there is huge electronics involved like motors, controllers, battery and BMS associated with the proper EMI/EMC which needs to be developed, validated and certified. Government is promoting eMobility and ARAi has inaugurated Center of Excellence in eMobility. Not just limiting towards EV, government has a strong focus on the charging infrastructure needed for these EVs.

Addressing these issues, ARAI will organize 3 day online Proficiency Improvement Programme (oPIP) on ‘Electric Vehicle: Development, Validation and Certification’ from 4th to 6th January 2021.



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  1. want to attend the training program and register for same.