Perhaps the most sought after hyper sports car brand, Bugatti has once again enthralled the world with its newest addition to the line-up of models in the Chiron family- the Bugatti Chiron ‘Pur Sport’. The Pur Sport has the highest lateral dynamics performance of all the previous Bugatti Chirons. Andy Wallace, the globally renowned test driver, took the Pur Sport on a whirl at the Pista di Nardò in Italy and had a lot to say about the riveting experience.

It is a fair day in the Italian region of Apulia and a sports car is racing down the asphalt at the Nardò Technical Center. The car has already taken several laps around the track, the driver driving it at unmatched speed and the powerful engine working its magic by first heating up and then cooling down as the car comes to a steady halt. As the car stops, out steps a grinning Andy Wallace who looks every bit giddy as a person should look after having driven a yet to be produced Bugatti.

When asked if the experience was up to his expectations, Andy did not shy away from speaking his mind and said, “I tried to develop a vague idea of what I might expect. It is unbelievable how the Chiron Pur Sport devours the bends on the handling track,” he then added, “I am really impressed by the precise balance of the running gear, the extremely high grip level, the exact steering response and the way in which the Chiron Pur Sport accelerates so quickly and safely out of the corners. This car has exceeded my expectations by far.”

Andy’s explanation easily displays the level expertise applied in the making of this hyper sport vehicle which had even Wallace singing its praises after a single test run. Before the production starts in Autumn 2020, Bugatti engineers are tweaking engine control system, running gear, brakes and gear box, further perfecting this car which is already a marvel of automobile engineering. In regard to driving the Chiron Pur Sport at Nardò, he jubilantly said, “The fast right-left-right combinations on the demanding 6.2 kilometre long track are great fun in the Pur Sport. The shorter ratio gearbox results in even more brutal acceleration out of the bends. The lateral acceleration potential is incredible. It gives the driver super direct feedback, which makes driving easier. The Chiron Pur Sport is extremely agile for driving on public roads, but it still offers enough comfort. The engineers have set up the running gear perfectly. Firm and direct and not too hard”

Bugatti plans to produce 60 Chiron Pur Sport cars at the company’s home in Molsheim, Alsace and have been priced at 3 million euros (net). Bugatti fans and potential customers are fervently waiting for its launch by the automobile giant. As always, Bugatti has caught the market before even releasing its much awaited vehicle.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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