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  • Alpine is back with the A110 Première Edition sports coupé
  • True to Alpine DNA – lightweight, agile and a pleasure to drive
  • €58,500 Première Edition launch model is fully reserved
  • Production series A110 to follow

The all-new A110 Première Edition is the lightweight, elegant sports coupé that signals the return of Alpine. True to Alpine’s DNA, the A110 Première Edition places absolute agility and driving pleasure front and centre, without compromising on everyday comfort.

Designed and manufactured in France, the mid-engined, two-seater coupé features aluminium construction to keep weight to a minimum and sophisticated double wishbone suspension. The A110 Première Edition is powered by a turbocharged 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, which develops 252PS. Like all Alpines, it’s rear-wheel drive.

Limited to 1,955 examples – a nod to the year Alpine was founded – the A110 Première Edition was fully reserved within five days of going on sale. The production series A110 will follow shortly. The first new model for two decades, the A110 Première Edition marks the relaunch of Alpine. Conceived as a standalone business unit within Groupe Renault, Alpine has an ambitious long-term strategy that invokes the vision and determination of its founder, Jean Rédélé.

As well as a rich heritage in building agile, lightweight sports cars that are in their element on winding mountain roads, Alpine is also well-known for competing at the highest level of international motorsport. Its crowning glories include winning the 1973 World Rally Championship title and outright victory at the 1978 24 Hours of Le Mans.

It is in that same spirit that Alpine today competes in international endurance racing. Its title-winning FIA LMP2 World Endurance Championship programme showcases the brand’s ambition and commitment to motorsport. New for 2018, the recently announced one-make Alpine Europa Cup for race-prepared A110 Cups, which will be run by Alpine’s racing partner Signatech, demonstrates the coupé’s performance as well as Alpine’s commitment to customer racing.

Michael van der Sande, Alpine managing director, comments:

It is an enormous privilege to relaunch a brand that instils such passion – but a big responsibility, too. This passion for Alpine, both within Groupe Renault and among sports car enthusiasts, is huge. It has long been our ambition to bring Alpine back. Now, the time is right.

With the new A110 Première Edition we’ve taken the core principles that made Alpine so successful in the Sixties and Seventies – such as compact size, light weight and a very low centre of gravity – and deployed them with modern technologies. The car is an absolute pleasure to drive on country roads or on the track, but also very comfortable to drive every day.

It is my mission to establish Alpine as a permanent fixture in the sports car segment.