The A320 Family’s visually striking, brand new Airspace cabin is moving a step closer to airline service in the near future with JetBlue, following the recent start of flight testing of the first Airspace Single-Aisle aircraft. A second phase of in-flight testing will take place in February to validate any further fine-tuning of the cabin and noise measurements.

“With its unique cabin design and improved reliability, we are confident that Airspace will bring a residential touch to our cabin and help customers feel at home in the sky. We look forward to continue working with our partners at Airbus as they continue to iterate the product and ensure its readiness to take flight in the near future.”

Mariya Stoyanova, Director of Product Development at JetBlue 

New heights of comfort

Sporting new design features and offering a high level of passenger comfort consistent with Airbus’ widebody A330neo and A350 Airspace cabin products, Airspace for the A320 Family presents:

  • A redesigned entrance area with a customisable welcome lighting;
  • New extra large “XL” overhead bins – the largest in its class;
  • Re-styled window bezels which allow more light into the cabin;
  • Integrated window shades and new side walls delivering a sleek, customized look while yielding even more shoulder room;
  • New lavatories with anti-microbial coatings and touchless features;
  • A customizable ‘hero’ ceiling light plus full-colour LED lighting throughout the cabin.

Michael Willmer, Airbus’ technical leader for the A320 Family Airspace Cabin programme explains that the rationale for these tests  is to ensure the overall maturity and robustness of the new cabin during flight.

Rigorous testing for take-off

“The initial in-flight testing subjected the cabin to conditions well beyond what it would normally be subjected to in a standard flight profile. Special cameras and sensors throughout the interior were connected to dedicated flight-test and recording equipment in the cabin so that the engineers could analyse the performance and characteristics of the cabin elements in real-time on board, as well as in the lab afterwards,” said Willmer.

“Overall, we are pleased with the results of the first phase. Now this second flight-testing stage, together with the lessons-learnt from previous developments, will further help to ensure a robust product at entry into service in the coming months,” added Willmer.

The Airspace cabin originally announced at the Paris Air Show in June 2017 for the A320 family has come a long way from the initial concept drawings, 3D virtual reality and hardware mockups seen at the trade shows. The A320 Family’s new Airspace cabin took shape during last year’s “full-scale cabin installation test” – when Airbus’ teams performed a trial installation of a fully integrated cabin in an A321neo fuselage.

Willmer concludes: “Today the teams are thrilled that their Airspace product for the A320 Family has become a reality.”

The wide and spacious cabin of A320 family aircraft raises the bar for passenger experience and airline operations alike.

Airbus’ new Airspace cabin offers an award-winning design showcasing comfort and convenience – including the extra-large bins and stunning lighting features – previously only available on long-haul aircraft.

Unique welcome and ambience

Thanks to the unique welcome area, iconic customisable ceiling and latest technology making magic out of light, Airbus is extending the widebody experience to single-aisle aircraft.

More personal space to relax

Passengers always arrive relaxed and refreshed thanks to the exceptional comfort of Airbus cabins.

The new Airspace XL bins have capacity for 60% more luggage – this means passenger’s bags can always be close to their seats.

The flexible choice of cabin classes and seating products – including full-flat seats – as well as the new ergonomic sidewalls, provide more personal space to enjoy the flight.

Airspace design: the family feeling

Airbus designs aircraft and their cabins as a family, meaning that many elements first implemented on the A350 and A330neo, will now be available for the single-aisle family.

For airlines this means consistent branding, the same service opportunities, and associated cost savings. Combining all these features with the same seating and colour palettes for trim, finish and lighting, Airbus ensures passengers receive a consistent experience in all Airspace cabins.

A320neo living space

The A320neo Airspace experience makes work, rest and play in the air as easy as on the ground.

As part of Airspace DNA and thanks to Airbus technology, Clean Space keeps passengers safe and healthy during flight. The well-designed air conditioning system maintains fresh air in the cabin, free from any pathogen;  while touch-less features and antimicrobial surfaces provide a hygienic experience.