British Luxury Marque Rolls-Royce today launched the new Ghost Extended, offering extra leg-room, 170mm more to be precise. The legroom in the Ghost Extended is more than any other 4-seat sedan in the market with the exception of Rolls-Royce’s own Phantom Extended, and what is important to note is that all this extra roominess does not come at the cost of any compromise to the comfort and driving pleasure of the Ghost. The engineers took special care of this and worked only in the rear to ensure minimal effect, the doors and body were extended with care keeping in mind to not disturb the car’s overall driving dynamics.

With the extra space, the Ghost extended can accommodate an optional reclining Serenity seat, so that the customers can relax in business jet level comfort. The Ghost is not a solely business sedan but comes with a suite of leisurely features like the Champagne fridge, which has been developed with inputs from a master Sommelier and added two cooling modes, 6-Degrees for non-Vintage Champagne and 11-Degrees for Vintage Champagne, so that your esteemed guests can enjoy their Champagnes served at optimum temperatures.

Despite the Marque being synonymous with heritage and contemporary design, the Ghost is a technological marvel on four wheels, with Wi-Fi to keep the businessman connected to the world and infotainment systems with the capability to be used as part computer. The technology has been delicately added to the cabin, to avoid disturbing the calm environment and keep it clutter free. The climate control has a new Micro-Environment Purification System(MEPS) which keeps the air inside the cabin clean and free from harmful agents by detecting air quality by its highly sensitive sensors and engaging the system on its own, if anomalies are detected in the air-quality, a Nanofleece is engaged which removes all ultra-fine particles from the cabin.

The Laser headlamps have excellent illumination range of up to 600m and Rolls-Royce’s famed day&night vision assist which can detect anything on the road and activate safety features with Military grade precision. Alertness assistant, best in class camera system with panoramic and helicopter view angles, collision warning and cruise control. With the addition of the 7*3 HD heads-up display and self-park the Ghost is one of the safest and easiest cars to drive despite its large proportions.

The car is built on Rolls-Royce’s spaceframe, also used by BMW 7-series, with the signature Magic carpet ride comfort delivered with the help of a new Planar suspension system which has been in constant development for a decade. The continuously variable, electronically controlled shocks, self-levelling high-volume strut assemblies and the world’s first upper wishbone damper in a production car, the Ghost boasts the absolute best ride comfort in the world.

A Ghost-specific 6.75l twin turbo V12 that produces 571PS and 850Nm of torque on the go, while being virtually silent thanks to the 100kg worth of special acoustic dampeners fitted throughout the chassis, bodywork and tyres. The car is capable of tearing up the tarmac at 250kmph while the driver sits in utter silence. The all-wheel steering also means that the Ghost can go through corners fast without losing control.

The car has been developed via innovative technologies such as 3D printing which has been fused together with Rolls-Royce’s complex engineering, which incorporates complex multi-jet fusion and selective laser sintering to make the parts which are all fitted at one assembly line. Traditional expertise of the carmaker is showcased in the Ghost exclusive wood finishes, which are available in open-pore finish, exquisite texture that one can touch to admire. The New Ghost Extended wheelbase is available at a price of INR 7.95 crore (Estimated Ex-showroom) with deliveries starting by end of 2020.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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