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This beautiful 1972 BMW CSL was originally purchased by Dahmen-Tuning and converted to racing specs by Heinz-Jorgen Dahmen in Germany. Heinz-Jorgen Dahmen was a prominent racer from 1972 through 2004 with five wins and eight podium finishes. The car was eventually purchased by Cullen “Cuffy” Crabbe. Cuffy is the son of Buster Crabbe, who was a 1932 Olympic gold medal swimmer and actor. Cuffy acted along-side his father in the 1955-1957 NBC television series Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legions.

Cuffy Crabbe drove the BMW in numerous vintage races. He converted the car to Group 2 specs and updated the engine. The car is in excellent condition and race ready. Comedian and prominent car collector, Adam Carolla, purchased the car from Cuffy Crabbe in 2011.

Although Carolla never had the chance to race the car, it has been professionally maintained as part of his extensive collection of vintage racing cars. The car fires up reliably and runs strong.