Extensive additional equipment features, quality technology and engineering craftsmanship come together to produce the high-value Lexus ES Premium Edition, a new addition to the range of hybrid mid-size saloons.

The additional features are worth more than 3000 UK pounds but its price tag is only greater than 550 UK pounds as compared to the entry level ES on which it is based.

The additional features include aluminium scuff plates for all four doors, windscreen de-icer, automatic wipers, wireless smartphone charger, heated steering wheel, 12.3 inch Lexus navigation with DVD player and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Keeping the model price below the 40,000 UK pound threshold for which additional Vehicle Excise Duty is levied, the on-the-road price of the Lexus ES Premium Edition is pegged at 35,750 UK pounds.

To give the ES F Sport model greater appeal, extra content has also been added to the Tech and Safety Pack. These include a wireless smartphone charger, heated steering wheel, a 12.3 inch Lexus multimedia and navigation system with triple-eye LED headlights.

With the Tech and Safety pack options, one of the best value sports saloons on the market remains the ES F Sport. Low carbon dioxide emissions are delivered by its highly efficient hybrid powertrain which secures for the company car tax-payers a 28% benefit-in-kind rating. The price is kept just below the 40,000 UK pound luxury level at 39,255 UK pound.

The ES range, which include the ES and F Sport grades, now have standard features like a Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert.

In case the driver fails to respond to a warning of approaching traffic when reversing out of a parking space, the Rear Cross-Traffic Alert includes an auto-braking function which then intervenes to help prevent a collision.

On the ES Takumi—a first in its European model range, digital side view mirrors are also provided by Lexus as a high tech option. This is in addition to the Red Cross-Traffic Alert and the Blind Spot Monitor which are standard provisions. These alert the driver of any hazards in the vicinity of the driver and enable safer driving.

To protect against dirt, rain and snow to maintain a clear picture, compact, door-mounted cameras relay real-time images to monitors on each corner of the dashboard. When the turn indicators are used, or reverse gear is selected, the view is automatically extended to eliminate blind spots.

Kanishka Gupta

Kanishka Gupta

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