The cheapest Taycan, the RWD only sold in China for now, broke the record at Porsche’s Experience Centre in Hockenheimring-Germany.

German sports car maker Porsche has claimed the world record for the longest drift ever attempted in an electric vehicle with its Taycan. The car was drifted for a record 55 minutes by Porsche’s instructor Dennis Retera who did 210 laps of the drift ring located at Porsche Experience Centre in Hockenheimring, Germany. This feat was done by using the RWD Taycan which is only sold in China, as the standard car comes with 4WD which cannot drift. Drifting around the 200m long drift circle he covered 42.17 kilometers with an average speed of 46kmph.

The electronic driving aids in the Porsche which are meant to keep the car stable and grippy on tarmac were switched off, post which drifting the car was not much of a challenge. The sporty profile of the car with the long wheelbase and the low centre of gravity make the car very stable and controllable while powersliding. The drift ring is constantly sprayed with water to keep the surface slippery and to keep the tyres from overheating, but it presents the issue of control. Using too much power would make the car spin out therefore Dennis used the steering to control the minor changes in trajectory.

Guinness World Records was present to supervise the event and validate the attempt, the judge Joanne Brent was mildly impressed with the electric car doing the record, “ With an electric sports car it’s something very special for us too. Here Porsche has done real pioneering work” she said. The Taycan was fitted with GPS, Yaw rate sensors and a camera to record the whole attempt. Testing organisation DEKRA sent Denise Ritzmann, a former Drifting champion to observe the drifting process and make sure that the car did not break drift throughout the whole test.

The Taycan was given company by a Nissan GT-R, itself a record holder for the fastest drift in the world at 304kph, the GT-R was fitted with an array of cameras to film the record the attempt in real-time. The Taycan adds another leaf to its crown that holds many laurels like the 24-hr endurance run on Nardo-the fully circular test track, class leading Nordschleife lap time of 7:42 and 26 sprints to 200kph the list is pretty long and gives Porsche’s first electric car a legacy which is very challenging to beat.

The Taycan is Porsche’s first electric vehicle, and they have given it the badging it deserves. This particular car is the cheapest version for sale only in China for now and has RWD instead of the regular 4WD Taycan, powered by a  402hp motor that has a range of 257Miles and 0-100 acceleration of 5.4s. The performance figures for the RWD car are much below the Taycan Turbo models which have 2.5 second acceleration times but are much pricier, with the top Turbo S reaching $200,000(INR 1.5 crore) easily while the RWD version if sold in the US will be priced below $100,000(INR 80 lakh).

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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