On Saturday, 10th October 2020, America’s first hypercar company, SSC North America, has earned the coveted title of world’s ‘Fastest Production Vehicle’ with its 1,750hp Tuatara.

A new emperor has risen to top the hypercar hill.  a seven-mile, sunbaked stretch of Highway 160 at outdoor of Pahrump, Nevada was converted into the high-speed runway from which North America’s 1,750 HP hypercar, the SSC Tuatara, earned a record-setting to restore its title of “world’s fastest production vehicle” with the globally acclaimed professional racing driver, Oliver Webb.

In accordance with record criteria, the Tuatara traveled in reverse directions to an average speed of 316.11 mph (508.73 km/h) following two coherent high-speed test runs of 301.07 mph (484.53 km/h) and 331.15 mph (532.93 km/h).  The Officials were on-site to check whether the world record guidelines were met while also including the review of Dewetron GPS measurements, which traced the speed runs using an average of 15 satellites.

The founder of SSC North America, Jerod Shelby, had a unique plan for the Tuatara pace.  “It’s been ten years since we held this record with our first car, the Ultimate Aero, and the Tuatara is leagues ahead.  Its performance reflects the dedication and focus with which we pursued this achievement.  We came pretty close to meeting the theoretical numbers, which is astonishing to do in a real world setting on a public road.  America’s new claim to victory in the ‘land-based space race’ is going to be tough to beat,” Shelby told.

Thanks to a host of features working in harmony, Tuatara reached its prevailing speeds including–

  1. Peerless Aerodynamics-  It is produced in partnership with the world’s best designer Jason Castriota. The Tuatara’s design delivered an all-time production-hypercar best coefficient of drag of 0.279.  The vehicle sustained comprehensive aerodynamic stability of 37% front and 63% rear, assuring accuracy downforce across all four wheels from 150-330 mph.
  2. Fantastic Drivetrain- The SSC’s V8 power plant was acquired and developed in collaboration with Tom Nelson. The bespoke 5.9L twin-turbo, flat-plane engine produces 1,750 horsepower.  That vigor is carried to a CIMA 7-Speed automated manual transmission working in harmony with an Automac AMT system that promotes the selection of change in the gearbox.
  3. Protection- The Tuatara’s strong carbon-fiber monocoque replenishes with essential safety to the driver along with delivering a lightweight, which is suitable to assure peak performance.

Additionally, the SSC Tuatara broke the world records for:

  1. Highest Speed Achieved on a Public Road — 331.15 mph (532.93 km/h)
  2. Fastest Rising Kilometer on a Public Road — 321.35 mph (517.16 km/h)
  3. Fastest Rising Mile on a Public Road — 313.12 mph (503.92 km/h)

In order to deserve this world record, the Tuatara had to be a production vehicle.  It must be indistinguishable from the corresponding vehicle a customer might willing to buy.  In addition, it needed to drive the identical route in reverse directions, with an average of two speeds.  This accounts for winds and road grades that may have supported the vehicle as traveling in only a single direction.  Meanwhile, it had to accomplish this feat on a city road in order to ensure ‘real world’ driving situations that a runway might not allow.  It also be needed to move on street wheels and non-race fuel.

Also, having its speed pursued by a certified GPS measurement method with the two world-record sanctioned witnesses on-site for affirmation.

Thus, The SSC team must be applauded for working tirelessly to prove that nothing is impossible if you believe in your strength and your dreams.  Once again, a crew of American innovators has given motivation to those who endeavor to drive the bar higher.  SSC experiences competition and common admiration between other automakers, and the possibility to innovate and expedite the pointer in the prevalent pursuance of performance.

Siddhika Prajapati

Siddhika Prajapati

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