Dacia has reimagined the contemporary car with three of its third generation models- Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan to completely transform the cars from their designs and platforms to new and upgraded equipment. Dacia has retained the company spirit while simultaneously making tangible changes, as a result all the three cars sport entirely new and changed exterior body design to keep these vehicles modern and make their presence even more imposing.

After making visible changes to the exterior, Dacia also geared up the three cars with an ECO- G gasoline/ LPG engine which provide lesser transmissions and fuel consumption than their previous counterparts all the while being an ‘unpretentious and easy on the wallet’ solution. The all new Sandero is an eye catching marvel and gives the overall impression of being a vigorous signature Dacia vehicle. Its new proportions have led to the creation of a car with delimited exterior but which at the same time has an increased amount of interior space.

Everything apart from its ground clearance has changed in the Sandero. It has an increased aerodynamic body with a larger slope in the windshield and a lowered roofline; it feels even closer to the ground than before due to its farther placed flush wheels and broader tracks. The all new Sandero Stepway catches the spotlight due to its one of a kind ribbed and dome styled bonnet.

In contrast to the Sandero, Dacia raised the ground clearance for this one and also altered its bodywork by giving it logoted roof bars, large wheel arch wideners and strengthened door bottoms with a new surface. Its metal coloured metal skid plate keeps its original shade intact by protecting it against run-of-the-mill nicks and cuts. Dacia has made some very noticeable changes to these three cars; however, these are not the only aspects that have been reformed. It has also added minute innovative changes to offer everything their customers could need. The prime example being the Sandero Stepway’s modular roof bars which can be converted into a roof rack at the user’s convenience.

The third vehicle on the roster is the new Logan with a 3.6 cm upturn in its length. With overall modifications made to give it a more slender and dynamic look, it features a windscreen with more slanting, roof that has been lowered by 1 cm and a flowing roofline. Perhaps the most conspicuous change to all these third generation cars is the addition of Dacia’s very own and original Y-shaped LED light at both the front and rear ends.

All the three cars boast a new on board experience with technically evolved and spacious interiors. Their Media Control System takes charge of all the systems with just a smartphone. Keeping safety at the front, Dacia has equipped it all with 6 standard airbags in an already reinforced body. Combining all these new features with its efficient engines, it is fair to say that Dacia has truly gone above and beyond everyone’s expectations in reforming the three cars.

Dacia Sandero dimensions
Length: 4,088mm
Width: 1,848mm (2,007mm including mirrors)
Height: 1,499mm
Ground clearance: 133mm loaded
Boot capacity: 328 litres

Dacia Stepway dimensions
Length: 4,099mm
Width: 1,848mm (2,007mm including mirrors)
Height: 1,535mm (1,587 mm with roof bars)
Ground clearance: 174mm loaded
Boot capacity: 328 litres

Aayushi Primta

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