Sonata joins the N-Line, gets a 2.5L turbo making 290hp and updated design language which will set you back a further $10,000 than the standard car.

Korean automaker Hyundai has announced the high-performance version of their Sonata sedan- the 2021 Sonata N Line- which also marks the first time that this sedan has been tuned to the N Line performance levels. The Sonata gets the design language used by other N line cars and a performance tuned chassis and the N-Line exclusive Smartstream 2.5L turbo engine. The price for all this? An extra ten grand on the price of the base Sonata.

The 2.5L four-cylinder engine has been turbocharged and performance tuned with the addition of different cylinder heads and internals which convert to power rated at 290hp and 311lbft of torque a massive jump from the non-performance Sonata’s humble 191hp or the 180hp options. The engine has been redesigned to have a high tumble combustion system, high volumetric efficiency, cylinder head integrated with the exhaust manifold and split cooling and cross flow system. Fuel efficiency has been improved with the help of GDI & MPI fuel injection system and cooled exhaust gas recirculation.

The power travels through the N tuned eight-speed wet Dual-clutch transmission for accurate gear changes and improved efficiency, fitted with electronic actuators that control the dual clutch for optimised driving. The use of oil in the wet transmission helps with cooling which is required for the high performance of the car. The N brand engineers worked on the N DCT and tuned it specifically to be a fast gearbox able to provide a fun driving experience. The clutch assembly has been optimised for reduction in Noise, Vibration and harshness. Braking is aided by 13.6in front and 12.8in rear discs.

The N line features intuitive technologies to aid in performance oriented driving like the Rev matching and Launch Control. The car is able to hold down gears for a more accelerating experience when coming out of corners and if the car is being driven on twisty roads then the car will go to the limit of the rev counter to squeeze every bit of performance out of the car. The myriad of driving aid features in the car can be accessed via the 10.25in touch display on the centre console.

Cosmetically the N Line is fairly distinct to the standard Sonata with a different front & rear fascia, rear spoiler, panoramic sunroof and quad exhaust which have been tuned by N. The different driving modes also change the instrument panel when switched through Normal, Sport, Sport+ modes along with the changes to engine behavior, transmission and the steering.  The car sits on 19in alloys which are exclusive for the N Line. The interior has been wrapped in Nappa leather, and so is the N sport steering. The car has aluminium pedals, wireless device charging, ambient lighting and a 12.3 inch LCD cluster.

The infotainment screen is fitted with all modern functions like navigation and also comes with Hyundai’s BlueLink which allows the user to start and control vehicle characteristics remotely from the BlueLink app. The car comes loaded with safety features like Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist and pedestrian detection, high beam assist, lane assist, attention warning, Blind-sport collision assist among others. The Hyundai Sonata N-Line is expected to cost around $33,200 (INR 24L) and will be in American dealerships this month.

Sonata N Line$33,200 (INR 24.64 lakh)
Sonata N Line with summer tires$33,400 (INR 24.79 lakh)

Sonata N Line Mechanical Improvements

 2021 Sonata N Line2021 Sonata
Engine mount stiffness+22%215.8 N/㎜176.6 N/㎜
Trans mount stiffness+30%294.3 N/㎜225.6 N/㎜
“Rollrod” mount stiffness+44%323.7 N/㎜225.4 N/㎜
Spring stiffness (F/R)same / +5%2.6 / 4.22.6 / 4.0
Stability bar diameters (F/R)+5% / +18%Φ23.2 / Φ20Φ22.2 / Φ17
ShocksN Line tuneBase tune
Steering64 mm/rev (rack mounted)60 mm/rev (column mounted)
Tires245/40R19 (all-season or summer based on region)205/65R16,215/55R17, 235/45R18,245/40R19


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Anagh Bhaskar

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