Volkswagen has released the new Golf R, their top-of-the-line Hot hatch and it comes with more power than before! Bred on the Nordschleife and updated with a new drift mode to make the car go on a full tyre shredding spree, the German automaker is eying the crown.

Volkswagen has launched it’s penultimate Hot hatch, the Golf R- the most powerful one yet, boasting 315hp and all-wheel drive and the ability to dash to a hundred in 4.7 seconds(top speed 155mph)  the car certainly seems poised to take the crown of the fastest and the best hot hatch out there. The car has 27 more horses than the outgoing model and has a newer 4motion all-wheel drive system with torque vectoring. Around the Nurburgring Nordschleife the car went a full 17 secs faster than the old Golf R to set an impressive time of 7.51.

The new 4Motion system has selective wheel torque control for the rear wheels, which can regulate the power between the front and the rear wheels as well as each of the rear wheels for optimised grip during high speed cornering.        The system is a first to be integrated along with the differential locking system and the adaptive dampers through the Vehicle Dynamics Manager which can set up the car for each type of performance and agile behavior.

A new front bumper adorned with a splitter and air intakes has been added to enhance the aggressive and sporty look with careful additions of black elements all around the body. A full width LED DRL is added to the front, which stretches from the centre to the fenders. The R comes with exclusive 19in alloy wheels, side skirts, lowered suspension and Blue brake callipers. The rear now has a new black diffuser and chrome tipped exhausts.

The insides have been heavily tweaked with maximum screen space, the 10in Discover Pro touchscreen which has R exclusive software and a fully digital instrument screen. Sports seats with Nappa leather upholstery with R branding, and blue stitching which can also be seen on the steering and all across the interior.

The Golf is powered by a 1.9L four cylinder turbo TSI making 315hp and 310lbft of torque, which has a very efficient thermal management system and friction reduction which helps in fuel economy. The 6-speed manual or the 7-speed DSG gearboxes are used to transfer the power to the four wheels. The new rear differential is able to distribute the power more rapidly and over a greater range between the two rear wheels up to a 100% on the wheel that needs power which helps in uncanny grip and speed through corners.

The 0.8in lower suspension is tuned for performance, and is lighter which enables the car to be planted even in the most slippery of conditions, and more importantly, to powerslide thanks to the new torque vectoring. A lot of the improvements are a direct result of the car being developed at the Nurburgring, especially the race mode which makes the car tauter, the engine livelier, gearbox faster and the steering more responsive to churn out every second on fast laps which are configured especially for the legendary German track. Braking has been improved with larger discs and wider discs that reduce the braking distance quite significantly.

For the fun enthusiasts among us the Golf R comes with Drift mode, which tweaks the suspension and the all-wheel drive system for uninterrupted(except for the safety prompt) tyre shredding drifting session which the car now undertakes with ease, versatility is key, the car is both an track attacking monster as well as a side sliding yappy dog. Prices are expected to be around 40,000 Euros (INR 35 lakh) with deliveries starting in the latter part of next year.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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