The new Volkswagen Golf Estate made its world premiere, providing much more space, dynamism and digital equipment than before. Ample amount of space, extensive features and new drive type with moderate hybrid and twin dosing technology are some of its the revolutionising features.

The new VW Golf Alltrack estate has been revealed as the all-wheel drive Golf Estate with SUV features as well. Pre-sales for the Golf Estate in Germany are on, while more European countries will eventually proceed.

“As a compact, spacious model, the Golf Estate has already impressed more than 3 million customers since its debut in 1993. The latest generation inspires with its beautiful design and, with the most advanced cockpit in its segment, takes a giant step towards digitalisation. In addition, it scores high marks with efficient drives, maximum safety and significantly more space – the perfect family car,” said Jürgen Stackmann, member of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars Board of Management responsible for Sales. “And those who are looking for something more sporty will love the new Golf Alltrack. As a crossover between the Golf Estate and an SUV, it offers the perfect combination of space, innovation and fun even off paved roads thanks to its all-wheel drive,” he further added.

The exterior of the new Golf Estate is much more clear-cut as compare to its predecessor. The new Estate is 66mm longer making the Golf Estate look flatter and elongated.

This increase in the wheelbase and the exterior length allows the new Golf Estate to accommodate five passengers as the added length is almost exclusively used for the interior. The increase of 48mm in the legroom has beneficial effect, particularly in the rear. It provides 611 litres of storage capacity when filled up to the top edge of the rear backrest which is 6 litres more than the Golf Estate 7. Using the sensor-controlled luggage compartment opener, a rear boot lid can be opened, by the means of a foot gesture.

A 48 V belt-driven starter-alternator, a 48 V lithium-ion battery and a TSI motor combine together to create a new mild hybrid technology on all petrol engines with automatic gearboxes, which results in lower consumption of fuel. In addition, the automatic dual clutch gearbox (7-speed DSG) switches gears very efficiently thus saves energy.

Volkswagen has rearranged the equipment framework for the Golf Estate: there will now be the “Life,” “Style” and “R-Line” equipment lines above the basic “Golf” edition. Furthermore, it consists of online infotainment system with 8.25-inch touchscreen, Digital Cockpit Pro, We Connect and We Connect Plus web facilities, a multifunctional steering wheel, Air Care Climatronic air conditioner and Bluetooth mobile interface.

Alongside with the new Golf Estate, the Golf Alltrack’s second generation will also be launched. The new Golf Alltrack offers permanent all-wheel drive, improved ground clearance, a whole-terrain look and a unique interior. Golf Alltrack is indeed an all-rounder and also an ideal towing vehicle with an overall trailer weight of 2000 kg. Further in other aspects, Golf Alltrack corresponds to the new Golf Estate.

Since 1993 the Golf Estate has become a permanent part of the Golf merchandise line with nearly 3 million units sold. A total of five versions of the model have been released to this day, each based on the respective Golf generation hatchback variant platform. Models currently being manufactured at the Wolfsburg site in Germany to meet global demands.

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