Being the first light SUV to enter the market, this car matches with the exact requirement of a city-style class and functions like a top SUV at the same time, and these functionalities attract the young, active and urban residents. The all new Yaris Cross offers both petrol and first-in-class hybrid powertrains, with 2WD and electric AWD capability and a bunch of exclusive safety features which are comprised with this compact design.

The Toyota Australia Vice President of Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley explained that the new Yaris Cross was deliberately known pricey as the demand for small SUV’s was intact in the market. He further said, “it’s no secret that the SUV market continues to grow, and Toyota has answers that customer demand with its first entry into the light SUV market with the brand new Yaris Cross” he continued, “Toyota was a pioneer in the small SUV market when we first launched the RAV4 in 1994, and the new Yaris Cross offers customers the ideal combination of style and functionality in a compact city-friendly package at an affordable price. With its high level of safety, comfort and convenience equipment and the only powertrain available in the segment, the Yaris Cross is the perfect partner for a working week, with the versatility and practicality to get out of town for an active weekend.” he said.

The functions and the added prime features of the car makes it an approachable car for the current generation collectively. The fast minds of the people require a car model well suited to their daily commute where the Yaris Cross comes through available at a very price which is going to be $26.990 (approx. INR- Rs. 19, 8900) as it continues to go on sale by November 2 (Monday).

The car is on the market in nine different variants with options to choose upon which are 2WD petrol, or 2WD and electric AWD hybrid versions, in three grades – entry-level GX, mid-range GXL and top-of-the-range Urban. Now, the 2WD petrol variants are powered by a new 1.5-litre 88kW/145Nm three-cylinder engine that takes up the front wheels through a Direct Shift CVT with a mechanical first gear and 10-speed manual sequential function convenient for the car. And the two-wheel drive hybrid versions of the Yaris Cross similarly use the new 1.5-litre three-cylinder Atkinson cycle petrol engine combined with two electric motor generators, that generates collective maximum output of 85kW, with a low combined cycle fuel consumption of 3.8l/100km (square). The electric AWD contains a third rear electric motor which smoothly works to offer extra traction when separately required with drive torque split between 100 per cent to the front wheels and up to 40 per cent to the front and 60 per cent to the rear.

Now, talking about the technical advancements in the car, it includes a newly introduced Toyota Connected Services, and also a comprehensive suite Toyota Safety Sense 3 including the latest generation (PCS) Pre-Collision System with added Emergency Steering Assist (ESA). The Connected Services provides an Automatic Collision Notification which instinctively connects the location of the vehicle to a 24/7 Toyota emergency call center in the event of an incident that vehicle sensors. Other basic car features are added including the latest generation multimedia system with added Apple CarPlay 6 and Android Auto 7.

This car has an exclusive exterior technically designed including the LED headlights with GXL and Urban Grades gain satellite navigation.

As previously mentioned, the car ensures proper safety as it supplements certain safety features like the Blind Spot Mirror with a panoramic view rear camera. Now, this model is also assured with a five-year warranty and also up to 10 years of warranty on choosing the specific hybrid battery for the car. All this is covered by the Toyota Warranty Advantage Program offering substantial added value. The Yaris cross’s pricing list has been displayed without adding up the complete price servicing for the first five services at $205 each (INR – Rs. 15,118.34)

Yaris Cross Price Range List
 2WD petrol $26,990 (INR –Rs. 19,90,052.32 )
 2WD hybrid $28,990 (INR – Rs. 21,37,518.22)
 AWD hybrid $31,990 (INR –Rs. 23,58,717.07  )
 2WD petrol $29,990 (INR –Rs. 22,11,251.17)
 2WD hybrid $31,990 (INR –Rs. 23,58,717.07 )
 AWD hybrid $34,990 (INR –Rs. 25,79,915.92 )
 2WD petrol $32,990 (INR –Rs. 24,32,450.02 )
 2WD hybrid $34,990 (INR –Rs. 25,79,915.92 )
 AWD hybrid $37,990 (INR –Rs. 28,01,114.77 )
Premium paint$500 (INR –Rs. 36,866.48)
Two-tone paint $450 (INR –Rs. 33,179.83 )


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