With the introduction of its two new versions, the New Renault Trafic has set foot into the automobile competition with an optimized body and a fresh eye-catching exterior paint job. The New Renault Trafic Combi and SpaceClass have already garnered an impressively versatile clientele months before their official launch.

One of the biggest automotive brands in the world, Renault has once again introduced an example of its engineering and customer centric approach- the all-new Renault Trafic in its Combi and SpaceClass forms. The debut has come at the momentous 40th anniversary of Trafic, which also marks sale of more than two million units of this car all over world. The company has targeted customers from all walks of life and fashioned these vehicles to suit all their individual needs. For professional transportation and customers with large families, the new Combi would be just the right pick as it offers a huge cargo volume with an ample amount of seats. Its ability to host even big families definitely makes it an ideal choice for family excursions. On the other hand, VIPs and travellers prefer the SpaceClass. The Signature version of this model delivers comfort, exclusivity and business class appeal, while the Escapade version has been designed to cater to travellers.

Automobile junkies who enjoy an eye-catching and adaptable vehicle would certainly have a field day with their seven exterior paint options, one of which is the ostentatious Rouge Carmin shade. The cars create a lasting first impression with their completely new horizontal hood and 17-inch wheels finished in SpaceClass exclusive diamond-effect. When linked with a chrome line, their LED headlamps create the hallmark C-Shape light that Renault is known for. Catering to clients who like their choice vehicles to be spacious and cosy, it has an improved interior with an extravagant dashboard and storage area. A major selling point for these models is their offer of spaciousness and passenger capacity which is fulfilled with 1.8 cubic metres of storage space and vehicle capacity of up to 9 people. It offers a little bit of almost everything, even features that are not standard to the vehicle, for example- customers who like a tiny sprinkle of elegance would undoubtedly be enraptured by the Gris Météor finished dashboard in the New SpaceClass.

To ease driver pressure, the on-board connectivity is handled by Renault Easy Link multimedia system on an 8 inch display screen which offers all day connection with its induction smartphone charger. The system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible. If storage was an issue before, it wouldn’t even be a bother anymore as their 86 litres of cabin storage capacity is assisted by new Easy Life Drawer which provides more than six litres of storage volume. The new Trafic also has its fair share of ultramodern driving aids like Adaptive Cruise Control, Inter-City Emergency Braking etc. that help the drivers enjoy their rides stress free and safely. While booking their variant of preference, customers will also be able to choose one of the three available diesel engine options- dCi 150 engine, dCi 110 and dCi 170. The combination of multiple features like its automatic transmission, Start & Stop Tech and many more has created these two formidable vehicles that charm every single person irrespective of their professions or personal backgrounds. All details, including list of countries for market launch, on the New Renault Trafic Combi and New Renault SpaceClass will be made public in the beginning of 2021 and will subsequently hit the markets in March 2021.

Aayushi Primta

Aayushi Primta

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