The car has been heavily redesigned and lifts the hybrid system from the Outlander, the powerful build and the powertrain make it a very attractive package.

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi has revealed the new crossover SUV, the Eclipse Cross which is now available in Plug-in Hybrid and conventional powertrains. The new plug-in vehicle joins the Outlander Plug-in Hybrid in Mitsubishis lineup. The Eclipse cross was launched for the 100 year celebration for Mitsubishi in 2017, and has been promoted by the company as heralding their design and technological advancements.

The crossover SUV is quite unique in its design, named Daring Grace by Mitsubishi has an elongated body while the front is redesigned. The front now is wide and looks dynamic, and provides the car with an aggressive and bold road presence, the headlamp assembly is slanted and thin while there’s a skid plate at the bottom which gives the car a muscled look. The rear now features a new double windshield that gives it a distinctive shape and improves rear visibility, the taillights have been raised higher as well to give the car a raised stance from any angle.

The interiors of the Eclipse are well appointed, every function around the car has been placed keeping the comfort and ease-of-access in mind, the 8 inch infotainment screen is floating on the dashboard for easier viewing by the rear passengers. The interiors are wrapped in signature black leather, and two panoramic sunroofs which make the cabin feel spacious and airy. Dual-zone climate control, heated steering, trackpad for infotainment screen, steering mounted paddles are some of the salient features inside the car. The Mitsubishi Connect app on smartphones can let the owner view vehicle information, unlock doors and track the vehicle in case of theft.

The conventional powertrain offers a 1.5 litre four-cylinder DOHC Turbo unit that makes 152 horsepower and 184 pound per feet of torque, the gearbox is a 8-speed Continuously Variable Transmission-CVT unit with a sport mode that also comes with steering mounted paddles for more control and a sportier drive. The new plug-in Hybrid model uses the twin-motor 4WD system that has been lifted from the Outlander, which combines two electric motors at the front and the rear. The motor mounted at the rear is a high performance one, while the conventional engine is a 2.4 litre which makes 132 horsepower while the electric motors make 130 Kilowatt combined.

The battery has a capacity of 13.8 kWh which is capable of powering the car to 57 km of electric range. The three modes-EV, Series Hybrid and Parallel Hybrid mode are determined automatically by the system depending upon driving style, the system can utilise both the sources and provide a powerful boost of energy or keep it as emission free as possible. The batter also has a 100V AC connection inside the car, which is more than enough to power a variety of small to big electrical devices if one wishes to go camping.

The Eclipse Cross is also equipped with something called the S-AWC or Super All Wheel Control technology which gives enhanced performance and holding over any kind of surface. The twin motor design in the Plug-In Hybrid is able to distribute the power between each wheel without the conventional loss of power experienced when using a transmission. The conventional car has an Active Yaw Control which adjusts the amount of braking applied to each front wheel to improve handling and cornering speed.

The Plug-In Hybrid Eclipse will be available in 2021, and comes with three trims, the standard M, the G with the 100V power supply and the top P is visually distinct to the rest. It has been priced starting  3,848,900 yen (INR 27 Lacs) to 4,477,000 yen (INR 31 Lacs). The Conventionally powered one also has three trims with the same nomenclature, and is priced starting 2,531,100 yen (INR 17 Lacs) to 3,346,200 yen (INR 23 Lacs). Both the vehicles have currently only been announced for Japan.

Anagh Bhaskar

Anagh Bhaskar

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