Mercedes Benz enthusiasts who have been zealously waiting for the company to drop their latest model of the bestselling luxury sedan on the globe are in for a treat. The luxury automobile brand has finally decided to put the generation X of their luxury sedan, the S-Class, on sale. This move by the car manufacturer has been well received in the market and buyers are already looking for opportunities to finance this investment. The starting price for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been set at EUR 93,438 (Rs. 80.74 lakh) with deliveries in Europe beginning from December. The global financial and mobility services provider Daimler Mobility AG has also offered financing options so that everyone has a chance to acquire this vehicle. They offers span from multi-year financing contracts to on-demand mobility solutions and in-car payment function.

For those wondering whether the S-Class would be a worthy purchase or not… Here are all the reasons why this newest addition to their long line of luxury sedans is worthy of the hype. The car flaunts the most innovative functions and driver support options that make driving seem like less and less of a task. It supports utilities like the Driving Assistance Package, an MBUX infotainment system complete with the “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant and a large central display which openly combines with the visual aesthetics of the luxury sedan. These characteristics would make any car buff understand its appeal; however, these are only the surface features and the car still has a lot to offer its buyers.

The eye-tracking feature enables the driver to get a real depth perception of their surroundings at the single touch of a button. In addition to that it has a large head-up display with augmented reality content, learning algorithms and cameras that identify the driver’s desired control inputs, rear airbags to diminish the pressure on heads and shoulders of belted outer seat rear occupants in case of a heavy impact and the digital light technology which brings even more functions to the front. The new S-Class is not only revolutionary because of its technological standpoint; it has also created a huge break for even more advancements in fields like ease of access of the driver and upgrade of safety measures. The price range for different models starts from EUR 96,094 to EUR 117,786.

A customer can also avail offers from Daimler Mobility AG for financing contracts, leasing options, mobility services and in-car payment functions. A low interest loan of 3.99% annual interest is accessible to all prospective buyers from the Mercedes Benz Bank Group; it has also provided a kilometre-based leasing option. For those who want to rent the sedan may easily do so with the Mercedes Benz Rent. Even more attractive possibilities are available – for corporate customers from Athlon Germany GmbH, from FREE NOW to their customers, and from Blacklane for business and airport trips. The new generation luxury sedan comes with not only the latest machinations, but also with a number of alternatives for owning it.

The model range and prices at the start of the S-Class-

  S 450 4MATICS 500 4MATICS 350 dS 350 d 4MATICS 400 d 4MATIC
Engine (model series, configuration, number of cylinders)M 256, I6OM 656, I6
Additional output EQ BoostkW/hp16/2216/22
Peak torqueNm500520600600700
Additional torque EQ BoostNm250250
Combined fuel consumption NEDCl/100 km8.4-7.8










Combined CO2 emissions NEDCg/km191-178










Acceleration 0–100 km/hs5.
Top speedkm/h250250250250250
Price fromEuro(-)

These are the fuel consumption values according to WLTP

  S 450 4MATICS 500 4MATICS 350 dS 350 d 4MATICS 400 d 4MATIC
Combined fuel consumption WLTPl/100 km9.5-7.8
Combined CO2 emissions4 WLTPg/km215-178 (213-177)216-181 (214-181)204-169 (201-168)211-172 (209-171)211-175 (209-175)

Values for the sedan with long wheelbase (V 223). Values for model with short wheelbase (W 223), if different, in brackets

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