Toyota’s Luxury car division Lexus has launched its new 2021 LC 500 Convert able and LC Coupe. First launched in 2017 LC Coupe, now gives way to its sibling, the LC 500 Convertible. The New LC 500 Convertible is also blessed with LC 500’s Coupe design with the exhilarating dynamic performance same as presented in LC 500 Coupe. According to Lexus, the new convertible is coupled with beautiful design with strong powerful performance, which becomes more power on high speeds.

Both the LC Coupe, LC 500h hybrid and the V8-powered LC 500 has some of the best and advanced improvements in their bags. The new LC 500 Convertible and Coupe is based on Lexus’s new “even sharper, more refined” philosophy by which the new “Lexus Driving Signature” was born, and this will be the new development standard for every future Lexus vehicles.

The New LC 500 Convertible


  • It just took 15 Seconds to open and close the roof.
  • Particularly the biggest attention that engineers and designers was laid to is the design of the soft top.
  • Having the proper management of air conditioning performance in every condition even if the top is down.
  • It wins several awards in styling
  • Exterior design is equally impressive, roof up or down
  • Engineered for a beautiful powerful personality and durable performance in any condition, this is Lexus’s first soft top.
  • Lexus has designed a folding mechanism that allows the roof to be up and down in very small space and having load in the compartment.
  • Body structure reinforced for impact protection and to minimise vibration and flexing.
  • Safety features include automatic roll-over bars, extra impact-absorbing material in the front pillars and windscreen header.
  • Performance from the naturally aspirated V8 engine matches that of the LC Coupe

In February 2019, LC Convertible was revealed to public for the first time as Concept car, and wias created with the theme of “ultimate beauty.” Lexus’s LC 500 Convertible’s creators have the goal to create the world’s most beautiful open-top car while designing this car and won many international awards in advanced design.

“For the first Lexus soft top, my team was determined to create the world’s most seductive convertible,” Said Tadao Mori Lexus’s LC Convertible’s Chief designer

This is Lexus’s first soft-top model, and every effort was made to on the roof to meet its requirements for a sleek and smart appearance. The bulkiness is reduced by the smart design and engineering which is achieved by creating an extra fold in the soft top so that it can be fixed in the area behind the rear seats and between the left and right-hand rear suspension towers. The luggage compartment is similar in size to the Coupe which is 149 litres. The LC Convertible’s roof was tested so precisely, that it went through around 18,000 open and closing cycles even in freezing temperatures and snow, and its can be done also while driving at the speed of 50 km/h. It just took 15 Seconds to open and close the roof. It has the multi-layered canvas roof which block out unwanted noise and its hydraulic motor works quietly and efficiently.

Three soft top colours are available: Marine Blue (Regatta Edition exclusive), Ochre and Black. The Convertible’s Regatta Edition model with a colour scheme that matches Structural Blue bodywork with a white and blue interior and a Marine soft top. White is used in the cabin, including Lexus’ first all-white steering wheel and carpeting. In seat upholstery, there is a unique quilting pattern applied to the shoulder section of the front seats.

The exterior design of the LC Convertible shows the powerful, muscular styling and helped earn the Coupe two prestigious EyesOn Design awards. With the hallmark of Lexus design the front grill “avant-garde elegance” finishes with chrome with the daytime running lights assembled ultra-compact triple LED headlamp and the large diameter of wheels in the down. An open-air control has a sensor in the roof which detects whether the top is up or down, and adjusts air conditioning performance accordingly. There is also a transparent wind deflector which is fitted behind the rear seats which suppresses unwelcome airflow and keeps things quiet enough in the cabin conservation without the any need to raise the voice even at the speed of 60 km/h.

It is fitted with an active roll bar system which contains two individual bars that automatically deploy from the rear parcel shelf if a high risk of a roll-over accident is detected.

The new roof actually makes a positive effect to the car, with its lightweight structure, it weighs less than the hard top, which helps in giving lower centre of gravity, and with its massive 5.0-litre V8 engine and 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission you can go 00 km/h in 5.0 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 270 km/h.

The LC is powered by 5.0 litre V8 engine, which is presented in acoustic cabin, which is specially designed to reduce the noise and sounds.

“Although there are many convertible models out there, few of them are stylish and elegant both when the roof is open and closed. Particularly when the roof is raised, ridge lines in the uneven surface tend to give an unrefined impression. That’s why for the LC Convertible, we put maximum effort into realising the same beautiful roof line as the coupe.” Said Lexus’s Chief Designer Tadao Mori.

The New 2021 Lexus LC Coupe


  • First model to benefit from Lexus’ Multi Stage Hybrid System
  • LC 500h Coupe powered by 3.5-litre V6 self-charging full hybrid powertrain.
  • LC 500 Coupe and Convertible feature 5.0-litre V8 engine which operates with Direct Shift 10-speed automatic transmission.
  • Comfort, ride and handling improvements.
  • Have the new updated suspension revisions, weight-saving measures and shock absorber adjustments.
  • The LC 500h’s Multi Stage Hybrid System and high-voltage hybrid batteries have improved the Performance of the Speed tracer.
  • Improved shift pattern for the LC 500’s 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission
  • Multimedia system gains smartphone integration functions with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The Lexus’ flagship coupe has always aimed to provide “even sharper, more refined” performance. Lexus has revised the suspension system, lowering the weight to the 10 KG and improving ride and handling quality. Changes to the high-voltage hybrid battery which will now produce more useful power and torque in the LC 500h, and adjustments have improved performance of the LC 500’s 10-speed automatic transmission. The steering has also been updated and the brakes tuned to communicate a better feel to the driver.

Larger brake pads with a higher friction coefficient have been used to gain more effective performance and stability at high temperatures and speeds. The system continues to use front and rear ventilated discs with opposed six-piston aluminium monobloc callipers at the front and four-piston units at the rear, which increased the steering support rigidity, which helping achieve better handling stability.  The black callipers are decorated with the Lexus logo in white colour. The better vehicle control in high speed is achieves by the LC’s Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) having a new Active Cornering Assist (ACA) function. This helps control cornering by providing braking to the inner wheels in line with lateral vehicle acceleration experienced when higher G forces are generated in spirited driving.

With high-voltage lithium-ion hybrid battery in the bonnet, the LC 500h Coupe’s self-charging full hybrid features a 299 DIN hp/220 kW 3.5-litre V6 engine and Lexus’s Multi Stage Hybrid System, which is the most significant technical advances yet developed by Lexus. The Total output is 359 DINS hp/264 kW.

Lexus has increased maximum engine speed from 6,000 to 6,500 rpm, while the 100 km/h acceleration time remains at 5.0 seconds.

The heart of the LC 500 5.0-litre V8 petrol engine, supported by advanced D-4S fuel injection technology and which delivered the power to the rear wheels via a 10-speed close-ratio automatic transmission. This provides smooth, linear acceleration and generates, maximum power of 464 DIN hp/341 kW is delivered at 7,100 rpm, with maximum torque of 530 Nm at 4,800 rpm.

The smooth 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission, that provides the driver the feeling of powerful torque and continuous and smooth acceleration.

The LC is assembled with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allows the ease of wireless smartphone integration and access to popular apps for navigation, entertainment and messaging. With Android Auto, the Google Assistant can be used and on the other hand Apple CarPlay provides users the familiar interface from their iPhones.

“For me, the LC 500h luxury coupé is all about the emotions. It features some of the most advanced automotive technologies ever created, including Lexus Multi Stage Hybrid System and Lexus Safety System +, yet it’s not the world-firsts that thrill me. It is watching people fall in love with the LC the first time they drive it.” Said LC Chief Designer Koji Sato

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