• At Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama Trained Excellent maneuverability Ride comfort
  • Premonition of high athletic performance Aggressive design
  • Including the latest Lexus Safety System +,Adoption of advanced safety technology
  • Sporty style based on black equipment Special specification car“F SPORT Mode Black” New setting

Lexus has made a minor change to the compact FR sports sedan “IS” and set a special specification car “F SPORT Mode Black”, which was released on November 5th through Lexus stores nationwide.

Since the birth of the first model in 1999, IS has pursued “the fun of operating a car” as a compact FR sports sedan. IS has continued to evolve to become the cornerstone of LEXUS’s ride quality, gaining popularity for its high athletic performance and sporty design that makes us feel it, and has sold a total of about 1.1 million units globally for over 20 years. I did. The new IS announced this time has been run around the world, including the Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama, to improve its driving performance. By pursuing a linear response that is faithful to the driver’s intentions, such as the comfort of seamlessly connecting deceleration, steering, and acceleration, you can feel comfortable driving even in everyday driving scenes. In the design, in addition to sticking to wide and low proportions, we realized sharp modeling with high-precision pressing technology, making it an aggressive design. In addition, we are actively adopting advanced safety technologies such as the advanced Lexus Safety System +.

Lexus International Chief engineer Naoki Kobayashi

“When developing the new IS, we kept in mind that it is important to have a dialogue in which the driver’s intention is accurately transmitted to the car and the behavior of the car is accurately transmitted to the driver. It has been well received for its realization. Taking advantage of the compact body, the team worked together to develop and mature it on the new test course. As a LEXUS compact FR sports sedan, it has high vehicle controllability while having a high-quality ride, and if you ride for a long time We aimed to create a car where you can feel the feelings of the creator and discover new things such as the fun of manipulating the car. “

Main features of IS

At Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama Trained Excellent maneuverability Ride comfort

Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama is a test course for vehicle development newly established in the Shimoyama district of Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture in April 2019. The country road currently in operation is based on the experience of running on the Nürburgring, which is known as one of the toughest courses in the world, and combines various road surfaces with a height difference of about 75 m and many curves utilizing the natural terrain. It is designed as a course with a total length of about 5.3km. The new IS has made it possible to create high-dimensional vehicle performance by repeatedly conducting daily driving tests by both cars and engineers in harsh environments such as the Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama.

  • Based on the results of the driving test, we thoroughly tuned according to the road surface conditions and driving scenes, such as agile response to driver’s input and suppression of unnecessary movement on the spring. Furthermore, with the new IS, not only the initial response of the steering wheel and pedals, but also the controllability when “returning” has been improved to make the series of driving operations smoother.
  • Focusing on the human sensitivity value that cannot be measured numerically, we pursued linear maneuverability that is faithful to the driver’s intentions, such as the connection and rhythm of a series of driving operations. In creating a ride, we have verified the unpleasant vibrations and sounds from all directions, investigated the cause and eliminated it, and returned to the basics of car manufacturing to improve the driving comfort.
  • The 2.5L hybrid model changes the driving force control of the engine and motor with respect to the accelerator opening. The 2.0L turbo model uses adaptive control that determines the driving environment based on the driver’s accelerator opening and sets the appropriate gear stage according to the scene, realizing a more linear response to the driver’s accelerator operation and intention. Did.
  • By increasing the body rigidity by reinforcing the side radiator support, adding spot spots on the front side members, optimizing the structure from the C pillar to the roof side, etc., the kinetic performance such as response to steering wheel operation is also improved, and noise and vibration are thoroughly eliminated. The ride quality has been improved by eliminating it.
  • Hub bolts are used to fasten the wheels to strengthen the fastening force and reduce the mass. In addition, the newly adopted 19-inch tires have significantly improved cornering force * 2 and have achieved comfortable handling and braking.
  • A non-seating type valve is installed in the oil flow path of the shock absorber, and a “swing valve shock absorber * 3 ” that generates damping force due to flow path resistance even for minute movements is adopted. Even when the stroke speed of the absorber is extremely low, it exerts damping force to achieve good responsiveness and a high-quality ride.

New IS main specifications

full length4,710 (+30) mm
Full width1,840 (+30) mm
Overall height1,435 * (+5) mm
Wheelbase2,800 ( ± 0) mm
Power train3.5L V type 6 cylinder

2.5L in-line 4-cylinder hybrid system
2.0L in-line 4-cylinder turbo
tire size18/19 inch
*IS300h AWD is 1,440mm
() The ratio in parentheses is the conventional ratio

Premonition of high athletic performanceAggressivedesign

With the design concept of “Agile & Provocative”, we aimed for an aggressive design with a wide and low stance that gives a feeling of running and a sharp character line. In order to realize high design, product planning, production technology, design, and design worked together from the initial design stage, and as a result, the proportions and intonation like a 4-door coupe with a low center of gravity were effective. Realize a new world view of IS. In addition, we pursued a design that allows you to feel the joy of operating a car by creating details such as color design and ornaments.


  • In addition to adopting a thin headlamp equipped with a newly developed compact and lightweight lamp unit, the low center of gravity is expressed by shaping the lower grille area, the side character line lowered accordingly, and the rear end of the luggage. ..
  • Adopted overhanging front and rear fenders, L-shaped one-letter signature lamp, and three-dimensional bumper garnish. In addition, the newly designed 19-inch tires and wide tread have realized proportions that give a feeling of sporty driving.
  • The gently sloping rear quarter pillars create a tight cabin silhouette that wraps around from the side, and the contrast with the overhanging rear fenders accentuates the aggressive impression.
  • In the body panel manufacturing process, we adopted the “push-up method” that added molding to push up from the inside, and realized a sharp character line of the rear fender. In addition, the world’s first “Yoseshibori method” that enables precise and three-dimensional modeling unique to LEXUS, with the addition of a mechanism that allows the mold to slide from the side according to the movement of the press in the vertical direction. * 4 Development. As a result, the character line at the rear end of the luggage has achieved high-precision and sharper modeling.
  • The newly designed spindle grill emphasizes the feeling of pushing out by creating a three-dimensional polyhedral structure starting from the tip of the grill. In addition, the block shape with a spindle motif and the mesh pattern are combined to give a sporty impression.
  • Two new exterior colors are available: Sonic Iridium, which emphasizes modeling with strong shadows, and Sonic Chrome, which achieves a metallic texture and high luster.


  • The multimedia system newly adopts a touch display and is compatible with SmartDeviceLink TM * 5 , Apple CarPlay * 6 and Android Auto TM * 7 . By linking your iPhone * 6 or Android TM * 7 smartphone to a 10.3 inch touch wide display, convenience has been greatly improved, such as screen operation and voice operation.
  • By setting chromatic colors on the upper part of the instrument panel and the door panel to create a two-tone color scheme, the spread in the left-right direction is emphasized. In addition, the contrast of the two-tone color scheme gives a feeling of exhilaration when riding.
  • A graphic pattern that crosses multiple embossed lines, which is a new decorative expression of LEXUS, is adopted as a part of the door trim. Ash (open finish / black black), black geometry film, and satin chrome for F SPORT are newly adopted for the ornament panel. By adding accents such as surface treatment, we have created a sporty interior space that is particular about expressing the original texture of the material.


“F SPORT” has 19-inch wheels with different front and rear sizes set exclusively, and stabilizers, EPS, etc. are tuned exclusively. In addition, NAVI / AI-AVS, which optimally controls the damping force of the shock absorber, is standard equipment to achieve both excellent ride comfort and running stability depending on the situation. Combined with sharp handling when cornering, it demonstrates the true value of IS driving. In addition, the dedicated F mesh design spindle grill used in the F SPORT and F models is used. In addition, the air intake of the grill lower part, rocker molding fins on the side, rear spoiler and rear bumper lower garnish are arranged, and the piano black painting coloring is unified to express the fearlessness of “F SPORT”. In addition, Radiant Red Contrast Layering is used as the outer panel color for F SPORT. LEXUS’s high coating technology and craftsmanship are utilized in the strict control of the coating thickness to achieve deep red.

Evolved “Lexus Safety System +”Including,Of advanced safety technologyRecruitment

LEXUS is advancing the development of safety technology with the ultimate wish of a mobility society, “zero traffic accident casualties.” Based on the idea that it is important to develop the world’s top-level advanced safety technology faster and spread it to more cars, we actively adopted the latest technology for the flagship model and applied the know-how cultivated there. By developing popular technology based on this, we are aiming for a wide range of deployment to each model. The new IS Lexus Safety System + has also evolved further with the latest safety technology cultivated in previous models. While maintaining the configuration of the “monocular camera + millimeter-wave radar” used in the conventional Lexus Safety System +, we aim to further reduce traffic accidents and accident casualties and reduce the burden on drivers, such as emergency steering support. Achieves additional functions and improved lane recognition performance. In addition, we pursued vehicle behavior that is natural and secure for the driver when driving assistance.

Main mounting technologies

  • By improving the performance of the monocular camera and millimeter-wave radar, we have expanded the range of “pre-crash safety” that can detect daytime cyclists and nighttime pedestrians. It is now possible to detect oncoming straight vehicles coming from the front when turning right at an intersection and crossing pedestrians coming from the front when turning left or right. In addition, the driver’s avoidance steering assists steering in the own lane, providing emergency steering support that contributes to ensuring vehicle stability and suppressing lane deviation, and low-speed acceleration that supports collision avoidance or damage reduction at low speeds. Added functions such as suppression.
  • Equipped with “Lane Tracing Assist (LTA * 8 )”, an advanced driving support function that assists steering so that the vehicle can drive in the center of the same lane . The lane tracing performance has been greatly improved by improving the camera recognition technology, and in addition to the support on gentle curves, it has become possible to run smoothly in the center of the lane.
  • “Radar cruise control,” which controls acceleration and deceleration so that the distance to the vehicle in front is constant within the vehicle speed set on a motorway, is equipped with an all-speed tracking function.
  • We have adopted the “Automatic High Beam (AHB * 9 )” that detects the preceding vehicle and the oncoming vehicle and automatically controls the high beam .
  • We have adopted “Road Sign Assist (RSA * 10 )” that reads the main road signs with a camera and displays them in the meter .
  • Equipped with a driver error response system. If the driver continues to be in a non-operation state during LTA control, the driver will be prompted to operate with a sound, display, and warning by slow deceleration. We support the avoidance of accidents and the reduction of accident damage. After the vehicle is stopped, we will also request lifesaving by unlocking the door and automatically connecting to the help net, contributing to early driver lifesaving and rescue.

In addition, parking support brakes that help reduce damage caused by collisions between the accelerator and brake pedals when the accelerator and brake pedals are mistakenly pressed in parking lots, and contact accidents with approaching vehicles behind, panoramic view monitors that support safety confirmation around the vehicle, etc. We are actively introducing advanced safety equipment.

IS350 / IS300 special specification car“F SPORT Mode Black”

The special specification car “F SPORT Mode Black” is based on the IS350 / IS300 “F SPORT”, with color coordination based on exclusive aluminum wheels and black, and is a model that refines the driving and design that are the features of IS. is. The weight of the forged aluminum wheel with matte black paint, which was jointly developed with BBS, has been reduced to further reduce the unsprung mass. In addition, by adopting a black-painted door mirror * 11 , the fearlessness is emphasized. In terms of design, we are particular about the smoothness of the aluminum wheel surface, and with the technology that craftsmen have cultivated over 30 years, we carefully finish each one by hand. For the interior, a specially designed steering wheel and ornament panel * 12 made of ash material finished in silver ink are used . By applying a high-brightness coating to the flowing grain of ash, the unique brilliance of silver ink when exposed to light, and the appearance of bright silver when exposed to sunlight, highlighting the genuine texture of natural materials. Craftsmen manually finish each process from standing up, processing to polishing and painting. In addition, special equipment such as genuine leather sports seats * 13 for exclusive use of “F SPORT” and exclusive meter opening enhances the uplifting feeling of sports driving.

IS350 / IS300 special specification car“F SPORT Mode Black” Special equipment

  • Forged aluminum wheels for special-purpose vehicles(BBS matte black paint)
  • Genuine leather sports seat exclusively for “F SPORT”(Driver’s seat position memory/ Driver / passenger seat ventilationWith function) 
  • Torsen LSD(Rear differential gear) 
  • Ash for special edition cars(Open finish / silver ink)+ “F SPORT” exclusive dimple genuine leather steering wheel (with paddle shift)
  • Ornament panel(Power window switch base)Ash for special edition cars[Open finish / silver ink]
  • 8-inch TFT LCD meter for exclusive use of “F SPORT”(Opening for special edition cars)
  • Trinocular full LED headlamp(Low high beam)& LED front turn signal lamp
  • Rear seat SRS side airbag
  • Auto electric retractable door mirror(Wide-angle, driver’s seat automatic anti-glare・ With mirror reverse interlocking last memoryTilt down·memory・ With heater/ Black paint for special specification cars) 
  • Power Easy Access System(Driver’s seat auto slide away& Return memory function)

IS350 / IS300h / IS300 Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

(Unit: Yen)
enginetransmissionDrivePrice *
(10% consumption tax included)
IS350“F SPORT”2GR-FKS(3.5L V type 6 cylinder)8-Speed ​​SPDS2WD (FR)6,500,000 (INR 46 lakh)
enginehybridsystemDrivePrice *
(10% consumption tax included)
IS300h“Version L”2AR-FSE(2.5L in-line 4-cylinder)Lexus Hybrid Drive2WD (FR)6,000,000
AWD6,420,000 (INR 46 lakh)
“F SPORT”2WD (FR)5,800,000
2WD (FR)5,260,000 (INR 37 lakh)
enginetransmissionDrivePrice *
(10% consumption tax included)
IS300“Version L”8AR-FTS(2.0L in-line 4-cylinder turbo)8-Speed ​​SPDS2WD (FR)5,550,000 (INR 39 lakh)
“F SPORT”5,350,000 (INR 38 lakh)
4,800,000 (INR 34 lakh)
*Prices are different only in the Hokkaido area.Recycling fee is not included

IS350 / IS300 Special specification car “F SPORT Mode Black” Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

(Unit: Yen)
enginetransmissionDrivePrice *
(10% consumption tax included)
IS350 special specification car“F SPORT Mode Black”2GR-FKS(3.5L V type 6 cylinder)8-Speed ​​SPDS2WD (FR)7,000,000 (INR 50 lakh)
IS300 special specification car“F SPORT Mode Black”8AR-FTS(2.0L in-line 4-cylinder turbo)5,850,000 (INR 41 lakh)
*Prices are different only in the Hokkaido area.Recycling fee is not included



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